Online Dating: He Asked Me If I Had Roommates On The First Date?

Online Dating: He Asked Me If I Had Roommates On The First Date?

As good as the first date went, there was something about it that left you ruminating.

As you were enjoying each other’s company during the course of the first date, he asked you if you had roommates.

You told him you didn’t, but the question stayed with you for the rest of the date and after it was over.

He told you that he didn’t have roommates either.

You don’t know why he asked you that.

Maybe the fact that you met him on a dating app has you overthinking this more than you should.

So what was that about?

There are a number of reasons why a guy asks whether you have roommates.

First and foremost, let’s address the elephant in the room.

Whether he is an axe murderer or not?

He isn’t.

No, he isn’t looking to sneak into your home while you are asleep and assault you.

A guy who is intending to do that would be appreciably more judicious in how he goes about courting you.

For one, he wouldn’t have his face and information plastered all over a dating app, nor would he be out in public with you on a first date where he can be seen by the world, and multiple security cameras.

Yes, there are horror stories of women who have been killed by a date they met on a dating app, but those are extremely rare in comparison to the sheer volume of people who meet each other on dating apps every day.

So, let’s get that out of the way.

There are a few legitimate reasons why a guy asks if you have roommates.

For one, he wants to know whether he has to contend with roommates if he were to hit it off with you and visit you on a regular basis.

Guys do worry about this.

Roommates are an impediment.

The thought of having to hear that you can’t have him over because there is not much privacy where you live isn’t welcoming.

The next reason has to do with his assessment of where you are at in life, financially and personally.

In living without roommates, he assesses that you are financially independent.

With this information, he determines that you are financially solvent, and as a person, you are mature enough to live alone and handle the responsibilities that come with that.

Basically, you are a grownup.

The final reason has to do with drama.

Lots of people don’t get along with their roommates.

As someone who has likely had roommates at a period of time in his life, he knows what that life is like.

Even one bad roommate is a nightmare that makes life stressful.

He has enough of his own stresses in life, as any grownup does, and doesn’t want to invite any avoidable drama into it.

The less drama there is in your life, the less stress and complaints you have.

Should you hit it off with him, he welcomes this with open arms.