Online Dating: He Hasn’t Commented On My Picture?

Online Dating: He Hasn't Commented On My Picture?

He is not quite sure if he should at this time.

In other words, he is not entirely certain of the kind of approach that he should use if he were to interact with you.

He may be wondering about how to go about his approach.

He may think that it would be best to communicate in one manner over the other.

Perhaps it would be best to stick with emails for now and avoid commenting on pictures.

A big reason for this could be because he has actually commented on pictures before of other women on the dating website that he may have been interested in and those women either didn’t acknowledge those comments or reacted negatively.

As a result, he may be really hesitant about commenting on any picture that you may have at this time.

He may feel that it would be safer to simply email you if he were to communicate with you.

That is what he believes most people do.

Thereby, he may believe that if he were to communicate with you, sending you an email would be the safest and most assured route.

He may also have not commented on your picture on the online dating site because he just doesn’t want to start his interaction with you from that direction.

Indeed, in the past, he may have commented on the pictures of other women that he was interested in on the online dating site and they may have responded.

However, he may have realized after a period of communicating with these women that they weren’t really made of the kind of substance that he was looking for in a person.

If these were attractive women, there is a good chance that many other men would have commented on their pictures as well.

Hence, for him to comment on a picture would mean that he is approaching her in the exact same way that the other men on the dating site are.

Since these men primarily comment on her picture in order to praise her looks, she may have the mindset that this is the only reason why she gets comments on her picture.

As a result, when he comments on her picture, she may respond, but she may do it with the same approach that she has with the other men.

In other words, she may only focus on talking about her appearance and very unsubstantial topics with him as a result.

This may be a guy who actually wants to talk about a lot more than just looks.

He may want to talk about deeper and more impactful topics.

Yet, in this scenario, he is stuck talking about very superficial topics with this woman of interest.

Based on this past experience, he may not comment on your picture because he doesn’t want the initial interaction between the both of you to be solely or primarily focused on superficial topics.

He may actually be looking for a serious long-term partner and thereby, he would need to ascertain that there is more to that potential serious long-term partner than merely superficial topics and beliefs.

If you have gotten used to other guys commenting on your picture or pictures, understand that this particular guy may be using a completely different approach.