Online Dating: Is He Interested?

Online Dating: Is He Interested?

Has he asked you out?

There is no better metric at gauging his interest in you than this.

Unfortunately, there are some guys that you meet online who may never ask you out.

They may have no problem conversing and interacting with you on the online dating app, but they never ask you out.

This can become frustrating after a sustained period of communication.

However, guys like this are typically not interested.

Oftentimes, guys like this are either already in a relationship in the real world or they may have merely joined the online dating site in order to get attention so that they can inflate their egos.

They may have also joined the online dating site because they just wanted to have people to communicate with and assuage moments of boredom in their real lives.

Regardless of what reason it is, this guy’s intentions clearly do not match with your own.

Hence, if you have been communicating with a guy on an online dating site for a sustained period of time and he is yet to ask you out, there is a good chance that he isn’t interested in you.

Another way to tell whether a guy is interested when you are online dating is by how much he remembers the conversations that the both of you have had in the past.

When you notice that the guy often brings up topics that the both of you have had in the past and even specifically references parts of those past conversations, that means that he was paying attention.

A guy who isn’t interested will normally not pay that much attention to what was said in past conversations.

A guy who pays this kind of attention is typically indicating that you have actually been in his thoughts even when the both of you haven’t been communicating.

In other words, he may have already had private moments where he thought about some of these past conversations and reflected on them.

A guy bringing up past conversation topics and remembering them in detail is often a very good sign that he is interested in you.

When he takes it a step further by asking for more information about said past topic, he is showing that he is interested in you that much more.

Another way to figure out if a guy is interested in you while online dating is in how quick he is to respond to your messages.

If you notice that he is often quick to respond to your messages, there is a good chance that he looks forward to your messages.

Hence, when he gets a message from you, he may get excited and want to respond soon after.

In fact, a guy who is interested may even find it difficult to contain himself and thereby refrain from sending you yet another message before you have responded to his last one.

If you have taken a little longer to respond to a message that he sent you, he may spend a good amount of his day wondering if you got it and whether you will respond.

This way of thinking may get him so nervous that he worries if he may have said something wrong in his message.

This is a guy who clearly thinks about you during his day and hopes to hear from you.

This is why he gets so excited when you do respond.

When you are dealing with a guy who consistently takes many hours to a day or more to respond to your messages, there is a good chance that he isn’t interested.

This typically means that he is either giving other women that he is getting messages from on the dating site more priority than you or he is just too concerned with his day to day life to care about responding to your message promptly.