Online Dating: Hiking As A First Date?

Online Dating: Hiking As A First Date?

There has been a fair share of meeting up with your dates at bars, restaurants, nightclubs and live music venues.

Those dates were fun, but none of these guys turned out to have a love for nature and outdoor activities.

Whenever you had second or third dates with them, they wanted to go out and do it all over again by meeting at yet another bar or nightclub.

It wasn’t a shock to later learn that they weren’t into nature and outdoor activities, even though you made it clear on your dating profile that you are a nature and outdoors activity enthusiast.

These encounters left you feeling like it was a waste of time meeting up with these guys in the first place.

Your desire to meet someone who has a mutual love for nature and outdoor activities has reached such a crescendo, you are strongly contemplating including a statement on your bio that a first date with any dating prospect has to be a hike.

It’s gotten that bad.

You actually want to spell it out on your bio in the hopes that any guy who has an interest in you is fully aware that this is your expectation.

Of course, you worry about how forward this is.

To already be dictating what you expect from a romantic prospect in terms of a first date without having exchanged one word with them wreaks of entitlement.

You don’t want to come off as entitled, demanding or self-centered.

Notwithstanding, what alternative is there?

Although you are frustrated about this and have good reason to, it’s always a good idea to think about your safety first when online dating.

A guy you meet on a dating site is unknown to you, and meeting him for a hike on a first date isn’t taking your safety into account.

Again, when online dating, your safety comes first.

You have probably thought about this and come to the conclusion that there are safe trails in your city that are well-populated and public.

This has given you the impression that meeting for a hike on a first date would be safe for you.

Although you are familiar with safe trails in your city, it doesn’t eliminate the danger.

There is always a way around it.

A part of the trail that isn’t as visible to the public eye.

A part of the trail that a date with ill-intent could hide a weapon or tool beforehand.

These are uncomfortable scenarios but they aren’t unheard of.

With online dating, your mantra must be safety first.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do hiking as a first date.

After all, you are seeking a fellow nature and outdoor activity enthusiast.

Instead of declaring on your bio that any guy who takes you out on a first date must take you hiking, draw your attention to how a guy responds when you introduce the topic of nature and outdoor activity in conversation.

Is he enthused and knowledgeable about it?

Does he give you personal anecdotes about his forays into nature?

Does he independently bring up the topic of nature and outdoor activities in future conversations with you without any prompting from you?

An affirmative to all these questions means that he is genuinely interested in nature and outdoor activities and not just giving it lip service to impress you.

This is where you let him know about a trail you are going to be hiking on with a group of hiking enthusiasts in the upcoming days and if he would like to come.

A true nature or outdoors enthusiast takes you up on your offer.

Hiking in a group provides safety in numbers.

Although, technically, he is going to be hiking with you in a group, it would be your first meeting and your first date.