Online Dating: Would You Date A Police Officer?

Online Dating: Would You Date A Police Officer?

When you signed up on a dating app, you had a number of qualities you were looking for in a potential partner, but they were centered around personality and values more so than what the person did for a living.

Strangely enough, you never thought that hard about what you want a potential partner to do for a living.

Your mind was primarily concerned with their personality and values.

These were such a priority to you, you never stopped to think about whether a person’s occupation bore any adverse or beneficial effects to who you wanted to date.

To your surprise, that question has suddenly bulldozered into your online dating odyssey.

You have matched with a police officer and you are hesitant on whether this is right for you.

Not that you have anything against police officers.

They are civil servants committed to serving the community.

It’s not like you are a criminal on the run hiding from the authorities either.

You are a regular law-abiding citizen and you have nothing to hide.

That being said, you have never dated a police officer and for some reason, you are hesitant about this match.

This is alien to you.

In fact, now that you think about it, you have normally dated people who were very similar to you in what they did for a living.

You never realized this consciously until this moment.

Every occupation you have had in the past had influence over who you dated.

When you were in retail, you dated others in retail.

You have since moved on into the corporate world and have dated people in the corporate world.

Their job titles haven’t always been the same, but they were corporate professionals.

Instinctively, you have been dating people you could relate to.

This is why you are having trouble wrapping your mind around the idea of dating a police officer.

This is so outside of what you have dated in the past, you are unsure of what to do.

The dating profile of this police officer looks good.

It’s one of the best you have read, so why the hesitation?

It’s true that dating a police officer isn’t the same thing as dating someone in retail or in the corporate world.

However, human beings from the dawn of civilization have had a propensity to adapt.

Have you ever thought about the probability that playing it safe in your dating life has led to you being currently single?

Listen, dating a police officer may not be for you, but you don’t know that because you have never done it.

Prior to this, you never really thought that hard about the occupation of who you want to date.

This means that, on a subconscious level, a person’s occupation isn’t as consequential to you.

You have always been more concerned about personality and values.

It’s possible that the concept of dating a police officer is making you hesitate because of what the media or politics has ingrained into your consciousness about the nature of police officers.

This has led to preconceived biases that have no merit.

If this is why you are hesitating, you need to be weary of that.

The media and politics promulgates what they want you to believe so as to further an agenda.

Unless you have real life experience to the nature of police officers, you don’t know.

Yes, it is scary to delve into something you have no experience with, belabored by preconceived biases you weren’t even aware of.

Nevertheless, as the proverb goes, “Fortune favors the bold.”

Maybe it’s time to stop playing it safe.