Online Dating: How Can I Get Over Feeling Used?

Online Dating: How Can I Get Over Feeling Used?

Getting over feeling used starts with understanding that you are not alone in this experience.

There are several people who have felt used by others that they met while online dating.

You should stop thinking of yourself as a victim.

Most people make the mistake of wallowing in self-pity when they feel like they were used by someone that they met while online dating.

This often makes it that much harder for them to get over the feeling of being used.

You should understand that you went into your interaction with this person that ultimately used you head first.

You chose to correspond with someone that you met on an online dating site.

As wonderful as an online dating site is in helping a person find a romantic partner, it is not a utopia.

There are so many people who are online dating.

With that sheer volume of people engaged in online dating, there are bound to be some people among the bunch who will try to take advantage of others.

Just think about it.

The people who are online dating come from the real world.

Not all these people have wonderful lives in the real world.

Oftentimes, that is why some of these people who use others end up on an online dating site.

If they feel like their lives are spiraling out of control in the real world, they may choose to start online dating in the hopes that they can somehow regain control of their lives.

Unfortunately, for many of these people, regaining control means that they would have to find someone to use on an online dating site.

These are some of the people who choose to start online dating.

The risk that everyone takes when they decide to start online dating is the likelihood that they could come across people like this.

When you chose to start online dating, this was also the risk that you were taking.

To get over feeling used, you have to stop making yourself believe that you are the only one that this has happened to.

Again, when everyone starts online dating, they all equally run the risk of being exposed to people who will try to use them.

You are not unique in this aspect.

There are other people who have also been used on an online dating site.

However, the people who overcome this experience and still go on to meet their significant others through an online dating site are the ones who don’t allow themselves to become victims.

They understand that the possibility of being used by people was a risk that they took when they decided to start online dating.

They understood that there are bad people in the real world who will find their way to an online dating site in order to take advantage of people.

That is just how things are when you are dealing with anything that involves a multitude of people interacting.

There will always be some users in the bunch.

These people accept this reality and stop playing victim.

Instead, they decide to improve their online dating strategy.

They focus on having substantive conversations with people where they ask them lots of questions.

They then ask those same questions of the person some time later in order to discover whether the person will contradict the answers that they gave in the past.

If the person does, this often means that the person is not honest.

These people proceed to avoid this person and focus their attention on people who don’t contradict previous answers to questions that they were asked.

This is one of the best ways to filter out people who ultimately turn out to be users.

You practice patience in communicating with them.

Ask them lots of questions about themselves and remember what they tell you.

Ask those questions again at a later date.

If the person gives you a totally different answer, you know that they are most likely not someone that you can trust.

Online dating is not an automatic ticket to finding a romantic partner without any difficulty or bumps in the road.

The people who are able to get over feeling used often understand that being successful in online dating is a process that takes time and good strategy.