Are Engineer Type Of Guys At A Disadvantage In Online Dating?

Are Engineer Type Of Guys At A Disadvantage In Online Dating?

As an engineer, you have an analytical brain.

You can’t help it.

You are very black and white in how you think.

As an analytical problem solver, your approach to online dating has been hampered by an inability to connect with dating prospects on an emotional level.

What you write about on your bio just feels awkward.

What joy does a woman get from learning that you dream in mathematical code or that you have year-long subscriptions to a plethora of engineering magazines?

You feel like all of this sounds so boring and awkward to a woman who is on a dating app to find her romantic match.

As much as you love what you do for a living, it has left you hapless in the game of dating apps.

You were never the romantic type.

The few women you have dated in the past never gave you brownie points for being the romantic type.

They made fun of how wooden and clueless you are with the concept of romance.


You aren’t the romantic type and have a brain for analyses.

That doesn’t mean that you are at a disadvantage in online dating.

If anything, being an engineer gives you an upper hand over lots of guys.

For one, you are a top earner.

Being a top earner is extremely attractive to women.

No, this isn’t about attracting gold diggers.

Regular, every day women, are attracted to top earners because of their ability to provide.

No matter how far we have come as a society with women’s rights and a woman’s increased potential to earn a good living for herself in this day and age, most women still have a traditional mindset in who they choose to date.

They want a provider and protector.

As an engineer, you are a top earner, which makes you a great candidate for a woman who is looking to play a traditional role in a relationship.

Also, as an engineer, your analytical mind is a benefit.

You are a fixer, with the analytical intelligence to solve a range of problems, especially mechanical ones.

That really comes in handy in a home where a woman would much rather have you handle mechanical issues that pop up.

The washer breaks.

Wait, no need to panic.

She has you.

You come to the rescue to fix it.

The plumbing isn’t working.

Nothing to fuss over.

She has you, her engineering wiz.

You are there to save the day and fix the plumbing.

Women love men who are good with their hands and can solve practical problems.

This takes a big load off their shoulders when it comes to fixing stuff about the house.

Alright, let’s address the elephant in the room.

Your deficit in romantic prowess.

This isn’t as big of an issue as you think it is.

To connect with women emotionally on dating apps, you just need to connect with her on simple interests that are similar in nature.

Think about stuff you love that has nothing to do with being analytical.

A destination you have traveled to that you loved.

A dish you love to eat or cook.

The movies and music you enjoy watching and listening to.

What your friends and family love about you.

A festival or community activity you love to attend.

The simple pleasures of life is where you generate that emotional connection with her.

Not so hard is it?

Once you connect with her on an emotional level, she will come to appreciate the analytical side of you too as she gets to know you better.