Online Dating: How Many Pets Is Too Many?

Online Dating: How Many Pets Is Too Many?

Some people really love pets.

To them, it is not so much about how many they can have, it is more so about how many they can afford and how much space they have in their homes to accommodate them.

If you have come across someone on a dating site who has many pets, that may actually not be where they stop.

You are already worried about them being too many.

Well, this person has probably not stopped with acquiring more pets.

If they have four, they can just as easily get a fifth or a sixth and so on.

It all just comes down to where they are at financially and how much space they have at home.

This person may not be a good match for you.

You are already worried about the number of pets this person has when in fact there is a strong possibility that this person isn’t quite done with the number of pets they intend to have.

There is no limit to the love a person can give to their pets.

A person with one child will love that child in the same way a person with ten children loves theirs’.

This is a person who looks at her pets as she would children.

She loves them all equally.

She wants the best for them.

They take up a good amount of her time.

This means that her time will not always be readily available, even if she has no children of her own.

Each of those pets have their own requirements for upkeep.

Some of them may be fairly independent and not need all that much attention or caregiving, but others may require a lot more care and attention.

You would have to be very accommodating if you choose to date this woman.

You need to take a moment and ask yourself about the wisdom of continuing to talk to a woman that you have just met on a dating site who has more pets than you feel comfortable with.

Pets are like children.

They take up time and require a lot of caregiving.

You will not be her priority, at least, not in the beginning.

Her pets will.

If she gets more pets, which is certainly possible now that she has acquired more pets than would seem reasonable to most people, that is even more time and care diverted from you.

Now, dating a woman with many pets can work.

However, you would need to be willing to do a lot of activities with her and the pets or at least be willing to have a lot of Netflix and chill home dates so that she can attend to them.

Again, all those pets will have their specific requirements.

If she has a number of dogs, she would need to take them out on walks at required times.

If she has a number of cats she would need to give each one the care and attention they need so that they don’t start acting up by ripping furniture and the like.

If she has rabbits, she has her work cut out for her from keeping the hay and vegetables around them fresh to taking care of their litter.

Not to mention, rabbits tend to fend better when they have other rabbits to socialize with.

The more rabbits she has, the more responsibilities.

Are you getting the picture?

If you are already worried about how many pets are too many, you are obviously worried about how much time this woman will be spending with those pets as opposed to spending with you.

If you aren’t willing to be around those pets a good chunk of the time that the both of you are able to be together, the relationship will simply not work.