Online Dating: How To Keep Him Interested And Get To A Date?

Online Dating: How To Keep Him Interested And Get To A Date?

Keep the topics that the both of you talk about fresh.

In other words, try not to stick with a particular topic of conversation for too long, even if the topic may still seem ripe.

You could easily get lost in the topic if you fall into the trap of doing this.

The more that you are able to change topics and move on to something new, the more you keep him interested by making yourself unpredictable.

He now knows that you are not going to stick with the same topic of conversation for too long and thereby he wonders about what next you will want to talk about.

This makes it more likely that you will get a date from him because he would feel a sense of excitement about what it would be like to actually have a conversation with you in real life.

In essence, being that you have now gotten him used to the fact that you will switch to a new topic frequently, he knows that you are a really good conversationalist and he would most likely not get bored if he were to get a date with you.

He would also wonder about what other topics you would bring up if he were to get a date with you and meet you in person.

Again, he gets that sense of excitement with you now because you are interesting and unpredictable.

This is the kind of feeling that would keep him interested in you and thereby make you that much more likely to get a date from him.

Another way to keep him interested when online dating and improve your chances to get a date with him is by flirting with him.

Flirting with him on the online dating site can have a really profound effect on him.

It let’s him know that you don’t take yourself too seriously and you are willing to be playful.

This kind of understanding can be very thrilling for a guy. It gives him the sense that he can play along with you and have some fun.

As you flirt with him in your conversations, he will feel a stronger sense of comfort with you and thereby, he would feel the need to show you more of his personality.

In other words, he stops being so guarded with his persona and allows you to see more of what he is about.

When a guy reaches this level of comfort, he is particularly interested in the person that has made him feel this way.

He starts to equate that person with positive thoughts.

He wonders whether the flirting will be even more impactful and enjoyable if he were to interact with this person in real life.

Hence, he starts wondering about what it would be like to get a date with you.

This mode of thinking may really start making him anticipate going out on a date with you.

Though flirting is highly effective in keeping a guy interested and helps in increasing your chances to get a date with him, you shouldn’t overdo it.

Your conversations on the online dating site should have a good blend of flirting and regular conversation.

You should never allow flirting to be the only focus of your conversations.

If you were to flirt too often with him, he may get so used to it that you take away the mystery of what it would be like to flirt with you in person on an actual date.

Hence, keep the flirting balanced and in moderation.

The more consistent you are in practicing everything that has been described, the more likely you are going to keep him interested and get a date.