Is It Wrong To Ask The Guys From Online Dating Sites For ID When We Meet?

Is It Wrong To Ask The Guys From Online Dating Sites For ID When We Meet?

It is not wrong to ask for ID.

However, it is best to do that when the time is right as opposed to when you first meet them.

Being that this is the first time that they are meeting you, away from the safe confines of an online dating site, they may not be comfortable with showing you this kind of personal information.

Hence, a better way to go about this may be to wait on asking them for their ID until you have both reached a better level of comfort and familiarity with each other.

This may happen by the third or fourth date.

You should feel a lot more comfortable with this guy by this point.

In order to make this work, it would be best to do it mutually.

In other words, let him know that you want to show him your ID and whether he is willing to show you his at the same time.

By this time, you should have both gotten comfortable enough with each other that he should feel good about complying.

If anything, he would probably be that much more compliant with your request because it would be indicating to him that you may be getting serious about him or considering him as a potential romantic partner.

If he likes you in the same way, he would be happy about complying to your request to see his ID.

Another reason why it would be wrong to ask a guy for his ID when you first meet him is because you may make him think that you already don’t trust him.

He has just gotten to meet you physically and you are now making him feel as though he is some kind of criminal.

Though he may acquiesce to your request, this may put him in a strange mood throughout the date.

Even if conversation may be going well between the both of you, he may keep finding it hard to get rid of the thought that you may have seen him as a criminal or bad person from the start.

Some guys can be very self-conscious like this.

As a result, the date may not go very well for him.

Even if it may appear that the date went well by the time that you have gotten to the end of it, he may still be holding on to this sense of inadequacy around you.

He leaves the date with this sense of inadequacy and may decide to never speak to you again as a result.

Another reason why it may be wrong to ask guys from online dating sites for ID when you meet them for the first date is because it tends to take away the romance.

He may have been really looking forward to meeting you.

He may have wondered about how it would all go and whether the both of you would get along.

He may have wondered about whether you would be just as lovely as a person to him as you have been on the online dating site.

He gets to meet you on that first date and the first thing you are asking him for is his ID.

This can really kill the moment and the romance.

Again, asking a guy from a dating site for his ID is certainly a valid question to ask and even wise.

However, in order not to ruin the potential for romance that you may have with a guy, wait until your third or fourth date to do it. This way, you build up a good amount of real life rapport with this guy to the point where he may even be excited to show you his ID.

He gets excited in this way because he may start thinking that you may be considering him as a possible future romantic partner.

If you had met this guy on the first date and the date hadn’t gone well, seeing his ID would not have mattered anyway because you most likely would not have wanted to go on a second date with him.