Online Dating: No Guys My Age Are Interested In Dating Me, Why?

Online Dating: No Guys My Age Are Interested In Dating Me, Why?

You don’t have an online dating profile that captures their attention.

You should take a look at the online dating profiles of several guys that you like.

Take note of the activities and experiences that they mention or describe in their online dating profiles.

If you notice that you have several of those activities or experiences in common, you should make sure that you include them in your online dating profile.

Oftentimes, men will look for commonalities in a woman’s online dating profile.

If you are able to include commonalities that match with their own, you may be able to get more guys your age interested in dating you.

Another reason why no guys your age are interested in dating you may be because you sound too serious in your online dating profile.

Most guys like to get the impression that a woman is fun and friendly.

If it feels as though your entire focus is to find a husband or your next long-term serious relationship, guys your age may not be interested in dating you.

They would surmise that you are simply too serious and you are no fun.

They wouldn’t want to date someone like that because they would worry that you would be like a lead weight on a date.

In other words, they would have to be the ones who come up with topics on the date and keep the conversations going.

This would not be fun and they wouldn’t want to put themselves in this situation on a date.

It is not that these guys wouldn’t be willing to ultimately marry or get into a long-term serious relationship.

Indeed, that may be their goal.

However, they still want to be around someone who is fun and pleasant to be around.

They don’t want to feel as though they are the ones doing all the work when it comes to keeping a conversation going on a date and keeping it fun.

Another reason why no guys your age are interested in dating you on online dating sites may be because you have populated your online dating profile with pictures of your kids, grandkids, nephews, nieces, etc.

In essence, you have filled your online dating profile with family.

This can be a major turn off to guys your age.

Even if the pictures of the kids that you have on your online dating profile may be those of your nephews or nieces and you actually don’t have kids of your own, you may still turn guys your age off.

Guys your age will still get the impression that those are your kids or grandkids.

They may have already fathered children and may worry that you are trying to look for someone to co-parent.

Indeed, they may love kids but they are not looking to be with someone whose sole focus is seemingly to find a father or grandfather figure for their kids or grandkids.

Again, they will not assume that the kids in your online dating profile aren’t your kids or grandkids.

This may have actually never been your intent in posting these kind of pictures on your online dating profile.

You may have merely posted them because you wanted to give people a general sense of what your life is like and how important family is to you.

However, guys your age may be getting the wrong message from these pictures and that may be making them really disinterested in dating you.

Take a look at your online dating profile.

If you have quite a few pictures of family, you may be better off taking them off.

Let your online dating pictures showcase you and the activities that you enjoy.

This is what gives guys your age a good idea of what your life and personality is like and whether they would be able to fit into it.

This understanding is what may make them interested in dating you.