Online Dating: Passport Bros

Online Dating: Passport Bros

Passport bros are primarily western men who have chosen to find female partners in foreign countries.

Many get on dating apps to meet these women and ultimately fly over to the woman’s country to meet her or simply move to the country first and get on dating apps to find these women once there.

This concept of men moving to foreign countries to meet foreign women for relationships is a burgeoning phenomenon.

The idea is to get away from the feminism of western society in which many of these men believe has corrupted western women.

Passport bros state that they espouse the traditional woman and abhor the modern day woman.

Clearly, many feminists in the west have taken umbrage at this.

They regard these men as weak, believing that they are going to find women in foreign countries because they want a woman to control.

Both sides of this fence aren’t kind to one another.

Neither one wants to listen to the other.

It is about judgment on either end, leaving a poignant deficit of fair discourse.

The noise around passport bros forces the two camps to go to their figurative corners, unwilling to look at this phenomenon as nothing more than what they see on the surface.

On the surface, western men with financial means are traveling to third world or developing countries to find women to get into relationships with or hook up with.

With this premise, western men are made out to look like the villain, taking advantage of their privilege with foreign women from impoverished countries.

No doubt, there are western men in the passport bros movement who do this.

They use the dating apps to prey on these foreign women, making promises to them of escape from the hardship of their day to day life.

A life away from their impoverishment, perhaps a life in the west.

These men then travel to these women’s countries, hook up with these women and never follow through on all their promises to give these women better lives.

Men that behave like this give the passport bros a bad name.

It supports so much of what the opponents of this movement on the other side of the fence believe this movement is all about.

That being said, men in the passport bros movement believe that the guys who take advantage of these foreign women are in the minority.

They defend their reasoning behind seeking out foreign women, stating that the majority of them are simply looking for domesticated traditional partners, a quality they believe western women have lost since the advent of the feminist movement.

Is there truth to this?


But there is also truth to the argument that these men are making a generalized statement that doesn’t reflect on every woman in the western world.

Indeed, the western world has changed since the feminist movement.

In such a world, women have been given a choice.

A choice to fully embrace the modern day woman or remain traditional.

What so many passport bros have failed to understand is that there are still many women in the west who embrace traditional roles.

The west isn’t a one-size-fits-all.

The success of the feminist movement provided women with a choice of what lifestyle they want.

This was a choice they didn’t have before feminism.

Where passport bros go wrong is when they make it out to seem as though traditional women do not exist in the west.

Why travel so far away for the sole purpose of meeting a traditional woman, when there is one in the apartment next door that you never thought to strike up a conversation with?

One has to wonder that perhaps so many of these passport bros were planning on moving out of the country anyway.

Passport bros are known to be world travelers.

Telling people that they are going to a foreign land to seek a traditional partner may have more to do with getting back at the feminist movement than anything else.

Raising a big middle finger at it as they hop on the plane on their way to Asia.

They were already thinking about leaving the country and living abroad for various reasons.

A dollar spent in a developing or impoverished nation goes a lot further than it does in the west.

Yet, there is so much vitriol between these two sides that they reduce themselves to shouting insults at one another.

At the core of it all, the two sides don’t realize that there is room for what each side wants in the west.

There is nothing wrong with a man wanting a more traditional woman, as long as he has respect for women, and nothing wrong with a woman wanting to be more of a modern woman.

Both of these types of women exist in the west.

But both sides are more concerned with throwing verbal jabs and middle fingers at each other, which leaves them blind to the reality that is before their very eyes.