Online Dating: Bio Or No Bio?

Online Dating: Bio Or No Bio?

Having a bio on your dating profile is a good thing.

Yes, I know that the thought of not having to write a bio and simply posting photos sounds like heaven, and less work to boot, but you would be doing yourself a disservice in creating a dating profile without a bio.

A bio provides insight on how you communicate and how you think.

A bunch of photos have a role in conveying facets of your life, but people develop a stronger connection with you when they get to read your thoughts on screen.

Your thoughts are what you write in your bio.

These are your speech patterns and how you string your thoughts together into coherent words.

All of this is principal in how people gauge you.

A bunch of good photos on a dating profile doesn’t provide enough insight into the way you think and communicate.

Without this information, it is challenging for a person to make a judgment on your communication style, no matter how well done your photos are.

Having no bio on your dating profile sends the message that you are hiding something.

This is never a good first impression on a medium such as a dating app, where there is already a level of anonymity and impartiality.

With this early impression, you are already losing the person’s benefit of the doubt before one word between you has been exchanged.

Is this what you want?

When a person can’t get a gauge for what your communication style is like, they would be taking a risk in matching with you or messaging you.

People don’t like the unknown.

A guy with no bio is an unknown.

Despite your photos, you haven’t given people any concept on what a conversation with you would be like.

It leads to getting matched with primarily people who care about how you look in your photos.

This is a person who isn’t looking for a serious relationship.

Strictly hookups.

If you are on a dating app to find a partner for a long-term relationship, you wouldn’t be doing yourself any favors in having no bio on your dating profile.

Having no bio on your dating profile makes it that much harder for the dating app’s algorithm to match you with dating prospects.

The algorithm normally uses the words on a dating profile to do its matchmaking.

Similar words shared between two dating profiles are signs of similar interests and values. These dating profiles are matched together.

An absence of words in a bio makes it harder for the algorithm to find matches of similar interests and values.

Without words on a bio, it doesn’t have much to work with.

This leaves you at a massive disadvantage in terms of getting matches, and especially, the right matches.

Why put yourself through the trouble of signing up on a dating app when you are already dramatically reducing the number of matches you will receive, if any, by not having a bio?

You might as well not bother signing up on one.