Online Dating: Reconnecting With Somebody I Went On One Date With?

Online Dating: Reconnecting With Somebody I Went On One Date With?

After that first date, the both of you may not have been able to meet on another date for some reason.

Perhaps life happened and the timing just wasn’t right for one or the both of you.

Perhaps neither one of you felt the need to pursue future dates because that first date didn’t necessarily cause the kind of romantic spark that you were both hoping for.

After all, the chemistry that you both shared when you initially met on the online dating site was so good that there may have been palpable disappointment when that same chemistry didn’t suffice at your first real life date.

There could be a number of reasons as to why a second date never ended up happening between you.

However, now, you are at a point where you feel the need to reconnect with this person.

First and foremost, you should take a good account of current emotions.

It wouldn’t be wise to want to reconnect with this person simply because you are at a stage where you feel lonely or desperate.

Oftentimes, we become a lot more susceptible to reaching out to someone that we went on a date with in the past because we simply have no other romantic options at that moment in time.

Our sense of loneliness and lack of the kind of affection that a romantic partner typically provides can easily make us try to reconnect with a romantic prospect from our past so that we can hopefully get out of our current predicament.

However, do remember that there was a reason why a second date didn’t happen in the first place.

Whether the issue was from your end or that of the other person, it doesn’t change the fact that a second date never happened.

That one and only date may have simply not been particularly good.

Sure, you may have both been civil.

However, there may not have been any real romantic spark.

Trying to reconnect with this person now is not necessarily going to create that spark.

Oftentimes, people have a lot better chemistry when they meet on an online dating site than when they meet in real life.

You should just take all of this into account before making any attempt to reconnect with this person that you went on one date with.

The last thing that you want is to end up wasting your time and effort simply because you are lonely and don’t want to truly accept the fact that the both of you didn’t share any significant real life chemistry.

Now, if you believe that you aren’t thinking about reconnecting with this person due to a sense of loneliness and an unwillingness to accept the possibility that the second date didn’t happen due to a lack of chemistry, you may be able to reconnect by sending this person a quick, humorous message about something reminiscent.

Think back to something funny that the both of you talked about when you initially met on the dating site.

Make sure that it was something that the both of you really enjoyed laughing about and perhaps even talked about at length.

Bring that back up in the message that you send this person that you are trying to reconnect with.

It is more effective to use something that the both of you have connected on in the past to help refresh their memory about what it was like to talk to you.

If you are able to take this person back to that pleasant memory, they may feel a lot more willing to reengage in conversation with you.

Avoid mentioning anything about the one and only date.

Being that it never led to a second date, this isn’t the kind of memory that you should trigger in them when you are trying to reconnect.