Online Dating: Was Her Response Flirty Or Being Nice?

Online Dating: Was Her Response Flirty Or Being Nice?

When a girl is being flirty, she will often respond to you with a compliment on an online dating site.

It may not be a blatantly obvious compliment, so it would be easy for you to miss it.

However, you will often be able to tell that it was a compliment when she gets somewhat giggly after she sends it.

She may even try to walk it back by saying something like, “I hope you didn’t take that the wrong way,” or something along those lines.

When you notice that she is retreading what just seemed like a compliment, you know that she is flirting with you.

Oftentimes, a girl will start retreading when she isn’t sure how the guy will respond to a flirt.

She just sent one that wasn’t that obvious but she is still worried that he may read it and think that she is being too aggressive or inappropriate.

A girl will often second-guess herself when she isn’t entirely sure about how a guy feels about her.

Hence, she may give you underhanded flirtatious responses because she wants to gauge whether you are really into her and she also just cant help herself.

Sometimes, she may just get caught up in her emotions during the course of a conversation on the online dating site and respond in a flirty way inadvertently.

Another way to tell whether her response was flirty is when she tries to use other girls as her cover.

She could respond with something like, “I bet that is what you tell all the girls.”

This is a response that is flirty.

She is trying to use other girls as her cover.

Instead of coming right out and telling you that she is into you, she will try to make it seem as though she is above other girls and thereby won’t fall for what you are telling her.

When a girl on an online dating site is flirting with you but not trying to be too obvious about it, she may be somewhat indirect in the way she tries to go about conveying it.

She may even try to avoid using words that will give her away.

In other words, she may try to avoid saying words like, “Handsome,” “Attractive,” “Nice-looking,” “Cute,” etc.

Instead of being that obvious when she sends you a flirty response, she may say something like, “So, what is a guy like you doing on a dating site.”

Now, instead of outright telling you that she thinks you are attractive, she does it in more of an underhanded way.

This way, you are not entirely sure about what her angle is.

This kind of ambiguity allows her to not be so upfront with how she is feeling about you.

She may be hoping that you are the one who lets her in on how you are feeling about her first.

In essence, she is protecting herself emotionally, as well as her ego.

When a girl on an online dating site is being nice in her response, she may give you more general compliments as opposed to specific ones.

For example, she may say something like, “You are fun to talk to.”

This is quite general.

Lots of people can be fun to talk to.

She may have fun talking to her mailman whenever she catches him outside, that doesn’t mean that she likes him romantically.

Hence, when a girl is being nice in her response, she will really play it safe as far as what she says.

Her compliments will just feel general in nature.

She wouldn’t want to give you any kind of sense that she likes your romantically, so she will stick to very general compliments that could literally describe anybody.