Online Dating: Went On A Date With Two Girls This Week And I Like Them Both?

Online Dating: Went On A Date With Two Girls This Week And I Like Them Both?

You are super conflicted about which one of these two girls is the best candidate for a committed relationship.

They both have qualities that really connected with you on those dates.

Strangely enough, they are both so different and yet they still simultaneously appeal to you.

You have never found yourself in a position quite like this.

You have been on a number of dates with girls from dating sites.

Normally, you know how you feel about them once the date has concluded.

You have never really been super conflicted about any one girl, let alone two.

Emotions are running wild inside of you and you are finding it difficult to think about anything else but your current conundrum.

It’s gotten to the point where you are getting stressed out.

Slow down.

There is no reason for you to make a decision on who is your best candidate for a committed relationship right now.

Guys make the mistake of creating pressure when it isn’t necessary.

They worry that if they don’t quickly make a decision on who they should pursue, they lose them both.

There is no hurry here.

You have only been on one date with these girls.

Emotions run high on first dates to the point where they are misleading.

Go on a few more dates with these girls.

There is a very good chance that going on a few more dates with these girls gives you the clarity you need to decide on who best matches you.

People bring their best selves on the first date.

You don’t really know who you are dealing with until you have given it a few more dates.

Most people ease up on the act as they go on more dates.

There is a good chance that as you go on more dates with these two girls, the conundrum that you have truly subsides in a way that you never expected.

The closeness in desirability between these two girls begins to widen.

You notice that there is so much more to one of them that is connecting with you over the other.

This is what patience and time does.

Instead of jumping head first into choosing one over the other based on rampant emotions, time lets you simmer down.

You have now been on a few more dates with both girls and are privy to information about them that you didn’t have on that very first date.

You know more about their viewpoints and life experiences.

You have observed their body language.

Your body language is having a lot better synergy with one over the other.

It is just natural.

You are not even forcing it.

Your level of comfort and trust has fallen a lot more easily on one of these girls over the other.

Now you know which one is the best match for you.

Now you know who you can actually see a future with.

Your mind and body is in alignment with her in a way that the other girl simply isn’t matching.

Long gone is the time when they were both so close in desirability.

Thanks to a few more dates, one has certainly usurped the other.