Online Dating: No Attraction On First Date, But Agreed To A Second?

Online Dating: No Attraction On First Date, But Agreed To A Second?

You are hoping that a second date gives you a chance to see if an attraction develops.

This is a slippery slope.

You must first ask yourself about what it was that led you not to be attracted to this guy in the first place.

If it was solely this guy’s physical appearance, then ask yourself about what it is about his physical appearance that turned you off and take a moment to examine your dating history.

Have you ever been attracted to a guy that looks like this?

In fact, have you normally made a conscious effort to avoid dating guys that look like him in your past?

These are questions that you really need to consider before attempting to go on the second date that you agreed on.

Once you have actually both moved from the online medium to meeting each other in the real world, human nature takes over.

That protective filter that you experienced while talking in the digital world of an online dating site is no longer there.

That filter is misleading.

It makes you get caught up in a person too prematurely.

You have enjoyed your conversations with the guy for a length of time that has now made you believe that he must be the right fit for you.

You want him to work out.

You want him to be your Prince Charming.

You are tired of browsing through dating profiles.

You are tired of swiping.

He has to be the one.

This all-consuming desire stays with you, leading up to that first date.

The moment you meet him, you sense that something is wrong.

You don’t want to acknowledge it though.

Having built this first date up quite a bit in your mind, you don’t want anything to ruin it.

You try to ignore the darts of discomfort that you feel at the pit of your stomach and instead, focus on what he is saying.

He sounds pleasant enough.

Just like he comes off in the conversations that you have been having with him online.

But, try as you may, that sense of discomfort continues to sting at you until you have to come to terms with why it is happening.

You are just not attracted to him physically.

You saw his dating profile photos, but somehow, now that you have met him in real life, there is a disconnect.

There is something different about the real life representation of those photos that has turned you off.

You agreed to the second date.

You found it hard not to.

The conversation was still good.

Even though the date ended some time ago, you have not been able to shake the feeling that you are simply not attracted to this guy.

It is hard to overcome this feeling.

If you have never had a history dating a guy that looks like him and even gone out of your way to avoid dating guys that look like him, it is unlikely that this sentiment changes.

The rapture that online dating casts on people who believe that they have finally found the right match is deceiving.

Though painful to accept that yet another one has disappointed you, at least, when it comes to looks, you have to accept that and move on.

Attraction has the best chance of developing if you aren’t so hung up on looks and truly believe that other facets to a guy’s personality is enough to make you become attracted to the guy.

If you don’t have a history of dating guy’s through this approach, it is unlikely that a second date with this guy is going to change how you feel about him.

If you don’t have a history of developing attraction through personality, you should cancel the second date.

This way, you both get back to searching for your best matches without having to waste each other’s time going after something that is likely to fail.

Yes, it is frustrating, but perseverance in online dating pays off in the end.