Online Dating: How Do I Get A Girl To Send Me Selfies Without A Filter?

Online Dating: How Do I Get A Girl To Send Me Selfies Without A Filter?

You have noticed that the photos that she has on her dating profile have a filter.

This makes her look good.

You like what you see.

But, there is a big problem.

You want to know what she really looks like behind the filter.

So far, you have had some message exchanges with her.

The two of you are getting along well.

In the back of your mind, you keep wondering about those dating profile photos.

They are nice, but you know that she is using a filter.

Buoyed by a desire to know what she looks like behind the filter, you ask for selfies.

She sends them.

But darn it!

Her selfies have a filter too.

You know that the more time you spend talking to her without knowing what she looks like behind the filter, the more frustrated you become.

It has reached the point where it feels like you are carrying a heavy bag of salt on your back.

You need to know what she looks like behind the filter.

The first step is to stop asking for selfies.

She is used to guys asking for them and she knows what they expect to see.

You are not the first guy that she has sent a filtered selfie to.

She thinks that you are like all the rest.

You want to see her in her perfection.

Like other guys, she thinks this is what you respond to.

Besides the way guys react in animated frenzy to her filtered selfies, much like a wild animal in heat, she personally believes that she looks better with a filter.

They cover up the blemishes and imperfections.

It’s no wonder people use it.

She hasn’t reached a point where she is comfortable enough to send you unfiltered selfies.

She worries about being judged.

At this stage, she is a lot more confident with just using the filter.

It really works.

Guys respond to it by sending her messages and interest signals.

It worked on you too.

Right now, it is too much of a good thing for her.

The prospect of sending any guy a selfie that isn’t filtered requires that she trusts the guy to the point where she knows that she won’t be judged.

You need to give her this impression.

She needs to trust you.

She needs to believe that you aren’t going to use an unfiltered photo of hers to embarrass or belittle her.

To get her to this point, your conversations should not be superficial in nature.

Instead of deluging her with compliments and proposals like so many other guys do, talk to her about subjects that matter to her as a person.

Don’t address her looks.

Focus on what she enjoys doing with her time and what she spends the majority of her free time doing?

Ask her the right questions.

Give her the opportunity to let you in on her dreams, ambitions and passions.

Find areas that connect with your own life story and relate to her experience by telling yours.

In time, you build trust.

Once she reaches this point, she wants you to see what she really looks like.

You haven’t asked her for a selfie in some time and this is so unusual compared to other guys.

She likes that about you.

You don’t seem so caught up on her looks.

She feels like she can trust you.

A little nervous, she decides to do something unorthodox, believing that you have earned it.

Without any prompting, she sends you a selfie that is unfiltered.

You now have what you have been hoping for.

All it took was a little patience and some inspired conversation.