Online Dating: What Are Your Thoughts On Ages?

Online Dating: What Are Your Thoughts On Ages?

You should have a good idea of the age range of the type of person you want to meet when you start online dating.

If you have joined an online dating site and you are currently receiving messages from people that are outside your age range, you should ask yourself if you are willing to be flexible.

You may have been really stringent with the ages of the people that you tended to date in the real world.

However, if all of those relationships didn’t end well, it may be a good idea to look into making some changes.

A person’s age could be an area that you make that change as you start or continue your journey in online dating.

Perhaps the ages of the people that you have dated in real life have been very close to your own and that is where you have felt the most comfortable.

However, though those individuals may have been at or around your age, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they were at your maturity level.

They may not have even had the kind of life experiences that you have had and as a result you may have even found it difficult to connect with them or find things in common with them.

Perhaps a person who is a little bit older with more life experience would be something to consider now that you are online dating.

This is something that is simply up to you.

However, if you have had several failed relationships in the real world, it wouldn’t hurt to make some changes in your approach to dating.

Being that you are on an online dating site, you will have a plethora of dating options to choose from.

Hence, it may not hurt to try something different as long as you feel comfortable doing it.

If a number of older people on the online dating site have been sending you messages, it may be because they notice something about you and your online dating profile that makes them feel like they can relate.

It is up to you if you choose to interact with these older people and give them a chance.

Remember that there is a possibility that you have had a pattern of failure in your real world romantic relationships because you have never found someone of your age range that has had a similar life experience to your own.

Something else to consider when dealing with ages on online dating sites is that a number of people may be untruthful about how old they really are.

Lying about age is one of the most popular lies told on a dating site.

Hence, if you find yourself talking to someone on a dating site of the appropriate age range for you based on what they represented on their online dating profile, you shouldn’t always take them at their word.

The last thing you want is to fall for someone of whom you thought was close to your age, only to discover later on that they are either way younger or way older than what they represented in their online dating profile.

Hence, if the age of a person you date is of major importance to you, use the conversations that you have with this person as a clue to help you gauge whether this person is being truthful about their age or not.

If they don’t seem knowledgeable about general topics that most people their age should be knowledgeable about, you may be dealing with someone way younger.

On the flip side, if they are very knowledgeable about general topics that most people that age wouldn’t be knowledgeable about, they may be way older.

You could even be more direct with your approach by asking them outright what their age is.

If you were to meet them in person, don’t feel awkward either in asking them to show you something that proves their age.

These may seem like draconian tactics.

However, if you are seeking your life partner and age is a very important part of that equation, it is better to find out the truth earlier on in your interaction with this person than later.