Not Good Looking Enough For Online Dating, Alternatives?

Not Good Looking Enough For Online Dating, Alternatives?

If you feel that you aren’t good looking enough for online dating, there is a good chance that any alternative that you turn to won’t work out due to your negative attitude.

Online dating sites have a plethora of dating options.

There are a lot more dating options on a dating site than you would encounter in your daily life.

These people who are online dating are of varying looks.

Some are really good looking, good looking, average looking and below average looking.

All of these people have found romance online. They did not need alternatives to finding love and romance.

Online dating is not strictly for people who look like models or movie stars.

In fact, online dating is populated with mostly average looking people because that is where most people fall into in the real world.

These people have found each other online and developed romances.

Just about every kind of person has found a partner in online dating.

Your failure in online dating has nothing to do with you not being good looking enough.

Hence, you don’t really need alternatives unless you just love meeting people in the real world and nothing can substitute for that.

If you approached online dating with the mindset that it was going to be easy and you were just going to find the perfect partner of your dreams overnight, this was the wrong approach.

The majority of people who succeed in online dating are patient and have the long-term approach.

They don’t start online dating and quickly start looking for alternatives because they believe that they aren’t good looking enough.

They know that there is someone on the online dating site for them.

The numbers are in their favor after all.

There are just such a sheer number of people who are online dating that you would have to really make an effort not to find your match.

In other words, as long as you are willing to be patient and make adjustments to your strategy where necessary, you will find your match.

Many of these people who have succeeded in online dating, look just like you.

They didn’t start looking for alternatives the moment they sent a message to someone that they liked and got no response from that person.

They understood that online dating was going to be a marathon, not a sprint.

Though some people can meet their romantic partner quite rapidly, most people have to put in at least three to six months into online dating before they meet that partner.

If you haven’t given online dating that amount of time and you are already looking for alternatives because you believe that you aren’t good looking enough, you may be doing yourself a disservice.

The fact that you actually started online dating would show that you had some hopes and expectations for it.

To simply start seeking out alternatives now, when you haven’t fully taken advantage of what online dating sites have to offer, would be a mistake.

If your online dating strategy so far has been to send messages to the best looking people on the online dating site, that has been to your disadvantage.

The best looking people on an online dating site get the most messages.

Most of these messages are superficial in nature.

Hence, the majority of the best looking people tend to delete these messages without reading them once their inboxes fill up with them.

To focus on only sending messages to the best looking people on an online dating site will only lead to a lack of responses and further frustration on your part.

The better strategy is to send messages to a variety of people on the online dating site, not just the best looking ones.

This gives you the best chance of getting responses and even finding your match.