What Are Your Motives When Online Dating? What Makes You Approach Someone When Online Dating?

What Are Your Motives When Online Dating? What Makes You Approach Someone When Online Dating?

It really depends on what they are looking for.

They may be at a stage in their lives where the intention is to meet someone to spend the rest of their lives with.

If this is the mentality, this person’s approach to online dating would be more focused and driven.

Hence, when they join an online dating app, they will most likely try to approach someone that seems to match what they are looking for.

In other words, they would have more motive to approach someone whose online dating profile indicates that the person is looking to settle down and find a life mate.

This is the kind of person that they would be drawn to.

A person with this kind of motive in online dating would be very calculated and methodical in how they go about it.

Since the motive is to find a life partner, they would have more patience as they look through various online dating profiles.

They would take their time to consume the information that they are receiving and will be very careful before they decide to send a message to anyone.

They do this because they simply don’t want to waste the time and energy required to message just anyone on the online dating app.

They already have their motives for online dating.

They know exactly what kind of relationship they are looking for and what they want to get out of this online dating experience.

When they actually approach someone when online dating, they do so after really having taken the time to assess whether this person would be a match.

They ensure that the person’s online dating profile bears similarities to their own.

They look for shared experiences and commonalities in personality.

Only after they have done their due diligence in this department do they decide to approach this person and send them a message.

There are other people whose motives when online dating may not be as clear.

They may not really know what kind of relationship they want or what would be right for them at this time.

They decide to start online dating even with those doubts because they know that they do want to interact with people and possibly meet someone.

However, they aren’t quite sure exactly of what level of importance they are placing on finding a relationship or someone to date at this time.

Hence, they have more of a casual approach to the whole online dating experience.

They would typically approach someone when online dating because that person seems fun and interesting.

They don’t necessarily know whether this is a person that they would truly want to date in real life or have a relationship with.

They just know that this person seems interesting.

Being that they are approaching online dating with more of a casual mindset, they aren’t particularly invested in how this interaction may turn out.

If they end up liking this person, perhaps they will consider meeting them in the real world.

However, for now, they simply would like to have a casual interaction. For this reason, they may not put a whole lot of energy into this interaction even if the other person is very receptive to their messages.

Being that they joined the online dating app with no real sense of direction as to what they wanted, they may simply be content to have sporadic exchanges with this person until someone else on the online dating app grabs their attention.

Then they move on to that person and the next with no real direction.