Online Dating: Why Post A Picture With A Singular Friend Of Another Gender?

Online Dating: Why Post A Picture With A Singular Friend Of Another Gender?

On your online dating journey, you have come across dating profiles of women who have pictures of themselves with a singular friend of the opposite gender.

Like clockwork, as you look through these dating profiles, there is a picture of her smiling with a random guy at a restaurant, bar, concert, side street, backyard, etc.

That singular guy friend that so happens to be standing or sitting right next to her and in some cases, hugging her.


What on earth?

Why post a picture like this on a dating site, when she is supposedly there to find a mate?

Doesn’t she see how awkward that looks?

It’s not that you have anything against a woman having guy friends, but posting a picture with a singular guy friend on a dating site is such a buzzkill.

A group photo with her and friends, some of whom happen to be guys, makes a lot more sense.

That you wouldn’t have a problem with.

But a singular picture with a guy who is supposedly a friend just rubs you the wrong way.

At first, it was a no-brainer for you to avoid messaging women who have pictures like this on their dating profiles.

As time has gone on, you are seeing too many instances of this and worry about whether you have been too presumptuous in judging these women on account of these pictures.

The reason women do this is to send you the message that you have to come to terms with the fact that she has a guy friend who is a major part of her life, of whom she has no intention of getting rid of.

There is a possibility that she has had issues in the past with guys she has dated who have had an issue with her guy friend or friends.

So as not to run into these issues again with whoever she meets on a dating app, she posts a picture of herself with her male friend in her dating profile.

This is how she filters out the guys who, in her mind, are too insecure about the reality that she has a male friend, from those who aren’t.

Although you believe that a woman that does this is missing out on romantic prospects who elect to avoid messaging her, just like you have done in the past, it’s worth it to the woman.

This is how she filters out the men she doesn’t want messaging her.

Unlike men, women receive a lot more messages on dating apps than men do.

She can afford to lose out on a few men who decide not to message her on account of a picture she posted on her dating profile with her and a singular male friend.

As long as a woman is attractive enough, most men shrug it off when she has a picture like this on her dating profile.

As far as they are concerned, as long as she is on a dating app, she is fair game.