Online Dating: Swiping Right On Someone Who Has Ghosted You In The Past?

Online Dating: Swiping Right On Someone Who Has Ghosted You In The Past?

There is a strong temptation to swipe right on her.

Although she ghosted you in the past, you believe that the circumstances were complicated.

Despite the conversation starting on a good note, it became inconsistent and odd, and you believe that a lot of that had to do with you.

That wasn’t the best period in your life, you had a lot going on in the real world.

Life has improved since then and you are optimistic on its trajectory.

Out of nowhere, you have run into this woman’s dating profile again and the temptation to swipe right and give it another go is strong.

After all, it had started off so well when you were first introduced to her in the past.

You wonder if there is a possibility to rewind and do it all over again.

Seeing her dating profile again, out of the blue, makes it feel as though the two of you have unfinished business and something in the universe is working to bring you two back together.

Be careful.

As human beings, we tend to look back at events with rose-colored glasses when we have an emotional need that is currently not being met.

You haven’t had the best results in online dating.

In the last few months, you have been on a few dates with women that went nowhere.

Conversations online have fizzled out with several other women.

You aren’t at a good place in your love life.

In comes this woman who ghosted you in the past.

You see her dating profile and your mind goes into rewind mode, recalling what it was like talking to her in the past.

Naturally, your mind illuminates the good parts of it, ignoring the bad.

Since you haven’t had the best luck in online dating, your mind makes you believe that having another go at it with this woman wouldn’t be a bad idea.

In fact, you don’t think you have had a better correspondence with any other woman since you talked to her, even with those women who met up with you on a date.

On top of this, the idea that the universe is sending you a message that this is the woman you need to revisit is prevalent within you.

So the excuses come out.

You tell yourself that the reason why she ghosted you had to do with you.

It was all your fault.

You tell yourself that you failed in conveying the right amount of interest in her.

That through your lack of proper communication and expression, she grew afraid and weary, choosing to ghost you so as not to be dragged into a situation where she is giving more than you are willing to give.

This is where you are tricking yourself into swiping right on her.

It isn’t coming from a place of common sense.

It is from a place of desperation.

She ghosted you for her reasons.

You don’t know what they are and speculating on them doesn’t do you any good.

It is rare that a person who ghosts ever reconsiders dating someone they ghosted in the past, unless their pool of dating options has become so dry, they get desperate.

Is that the person you want to be?

The person she turns to because her pool of better dating prospects have dried up?

A person who has ghosted you in the past who takes you on for this reason is only going to wind up dumping you once a better dating option comes along.

This leaves you in a much worse position than you are in now.

Suffice it to say, you shouldn’t swipe right.