Online Dating: Can You Genuinely Get To Know Someone Through Purely Text-Based Interactions?

Online Dating: Can You Genuinely Get To Know Someone Through Purely Text-Based Interactions?

You can’t.

Being that the person that you are interacting with on the online dating site is most likely someone that you don’t know, you couldn’t possibly determine who you are dealing with through purely text-based interactions.

The problem with solely relying on this form of communication is that you could easily be misled by someone.

You could be interacting with someone who is really good at using text-based interaction to convey a persona that they may not be on the online dating site.

These cases do happen.

Individuals like this are able to use their ability with texting to ultimately give you the image of a person that they may not be at all.

Oftentimes, these kind of people aren’t genuine.

They never joined the online dating site with good intentions.

If they start interacting with you on the online dating website and get a sense of what you may be looking for, they may play into it by sending you the kind of texts that will get you intrigued and attached.

This is why you should never solely rely on text-based interactions when you are online dating.

Text-based interactions also devoid you of the ability to hear this person’s voice on the phone or actually see what this person looks like through video calls.

Again, this can play into this person’s deceit because they can easily hide behind all of the text-based interactions that they are having with you.

They don’t want you to genuinely get to know them because they may either not like who they are or they may worry that you wouldn’t like them.

Some of the photos that this person posted on their online dating profile may be very old and thereby may not even represent what they look like in present day.

This is why it is always important to avoid solely relying on text-based interactions when you are genuinely trying to get to know someone online.

Though most people start with text-based interactions when they first meet on an online dating site, it is crucial that you take your interactions from texting to phone calls and even better, video calls, in a timely manner.

You don’t want to make the mistake of wasting a lot of time and energy on someone who just wants to text all the time and never wants to talk on the phone or do a video call.

Talking on the phone and video calls give you so much advantage in getting a really good gauge of the sort of person that you are interacting with.

This person won’t have the time to create an image of the personality that they think you like because they would be communicating with you in real time and they would be speaking with their own voice.

Text-based interactions give this person the time and advantage of making that persona up.

Phone calls and video calls don’t.

Hence, before you allow yourself to get in too deep with someone where feelings may even start developing, take your interactions away from texting and into phone calls and video calls.

Although most people who join online dating sites do so with genuine intentions, you still have a few that will try to be deceitful.

To avoid encountering people like these, always ensure that you sign up with only the most reputable online dating sites. This way, you can have the most fruitful and rewarding online dating experience.