Seemingly Every Woman I Match With Asks Me A Question That My Dating Profile Can Easily Answer?

Seemingly Every Woman I Match With Asks Me A Question That My Dating Profile Can Easily Answer?

The annoyance of matching with a woman who asks you a question that is clearly answered on your dating profile is increasingly palpable.

I know what you must be feeling, when you realize that yet another match hasn’t looked at your dating profile.

It gives you the impression that she is not all that interested in you, and purely wants someone for small talk.

Regrettably, a sizable number of women on dating apps do this.

Women get loads of matches on dating apps.

The matches that men get on dating apps don’t come close to what women get.

To read the dating profile of every single match is a massive task for her.

Seemingly impossible to be honest.

Ergo, when she is presented with a dating profile, she judges the guy based on his photos.

Should she deem him attractive, she swipes right on his dating profile.

Her intention is to wait for the two of them to start a conversation, and only then does she intend to ask him questions, even though they are clearly answered on his dating profile.

This is a strategy a large share of women on dating apps use to help them navigate through the endless number of likes and matches they receive on dating apps.

I know that isn’t how you want it to work.

You are hoping that any woman who swipes right on your dating profile has read it, is interested in what she read, and curious about getting to know you as a person.

Unfortunately, for these women, especially the attractive ones, it’s tedious to look through and read every single dating profile they are presented with when they are deluged by so many.

To her, the convenient strategy is to swipe right on the dating profiles of men she deems to be attractive without reading his dating profile in great detail, and then ask him questions about himself once they get into conversation.

It’s irritating to you, but whenever you swipe right on the dating profile of an attractive woman, you increase the likelihood that this keeps happening to you.

Attractive women on dating apps are the most sought after.

An average woman already gets a massive amount of likes and matches on a dating app.

An attractive woman gets that much more.

As an attractive woman, she believes she has no choice but to develop this strategy.

She glosses over a dating profile to confirm that there aren’t any red flags or deal breakers that she isn’t looking for in a guy.

As long as she doesn’t see anything like that, she doesn’t pay that much attention to much else that he had to say about himself on his dating profile.

She leaves this to what she learns about him in a future conversation, through asking him questions.

Obviously, her approach has you questioning why you should bother creating a detailed and dynamic dating profile, when it has a tendency to be all for naught.

There is justification in having this notion.

Notwithstanding, be aware that you aren’t the single person she is doing this to.

She does this with a majority of the dating profiles she swipes right on.