What Would Be An Ideal Dating Profile That Women Would Be Interested In Matching With?

What Would Be An Ideal Dating Profile That Women Would Be Interested In Matching With?

Eschew the pitfall of what the ideal dating profile would look like.

You aren’t on a dating site to appeal to every woman.

You are there to match with a woman that epitomizes what you want in a partner.

Stop concerning yourself with what is ideal.

When people do this, they end up misrepresenting themselves or exaggerating.

That is where the pitfall lies.

In an attempt to appeal to women, you either embellish your interests or lie about them outright.

For example, you have heard that traveling is an activity that many women love to do.

The furthest you have ever traveled is to the state line.

There has never been an interest on your part to travel.

The temptation to embellish or lie about this becomes irresistible when you have spent weeks on a dating app without succeeding with any woman.

You have barely received any matches and the ones you have received either don’t respond to your messages, or when they do, the conversations never last longer than a few days.

You are desperate.

This is where the temptation to embellish or lie on your dating profile intensifies.

You embellish or lie about loving to travel, with the mindset that the end justifies the means.

In doing this, you hope to attract a greater number of matches.

Unfortunately, you have now led yourself right into quicksand.

As a greater number of women match with you, thanks to the embellishment or lie about loving to travel, you feel vindicated in doing what you did.

The celebration won’t endure, as it won’t be long before these women realize that you don’t care about traveling.

As you are chatting with them or going out on dates with them, they pick up on some cues that indicate you misled them.

They know what to look for in a guy who is well-traveled.

You haven’t fooled them for long.

Next thing you know, you are blocked and you never hear from her again.

Is this what you want?

Whatever it is you embellish or lie about doesn’t get you anywhere in the long run.

Whether you embellish how much travel you have done, how much you love dogs, how many influential people you know, or how chic you are, it won’t work.

Whether you lie about how much money you make, how tall you are, or how many advanced academic degrees you have, it won’t work.

Everything comes to light in the end.

No, you won’t get them to see past your embellishment and lies by spending weeks getting them to know you as a person.

When the premise for them matching with you on the outset was based on an interest you embellished or lied about, no amount of rapport building changes the ultimate outcome.

They leave, upset at the embellishment and lies, upset at you.

Instead of plotting about what dating profile would be ideal to women so as to get them interested in you, create a dating profile about you.

The real you.

Someone is attracted to the real you, even though you don’t think you are that interesting.

Don’t sell yourself short.

The beauty of online dating is in the sheer volume of dating prospects who have an eclectic mix of what they are attracted to.

Forget about appealing to everyone.

That’s not what online dating is about.

Creating a dating profile that is true to who you are doesn’t get you matched with every woman, but it gets you matched with the right woman.