Should I Message The Same Person On Two Different Dating Sites?

Should I Message The Same Person On Two Different Dating Sites?

If you come across the same person on two different dating sites, you can message that person on both dating sites.

Being that the person is on two different dating sites, you don’t really know which dating site that they are most active on.

Hence, it would behoove you to message the person that you are interested in on both dating sites.

However, in doing this, make sure you don’t send the person the exact same message on both dating sites.

Your messages should be different as far as what you say.

The best messages to send are ones that relate to information that the person included or wrote about on their dating profile.

You should find something different in each of the dating profiles to use as a topic of discussion for your first message.

You should look for information that they wrote about enthusiastically or with a lot of passion.

Proceed to send the person two distinct messages that address each area separately.

It is best to be specific about the area in question.

It is not effective to simply tell the person that you liked their dating profile and you think that the both of you have a lot in common.

This is not going to encourage the person nor excite them.

Hence, they may ignore your messages altogether.

Be specific in what you write about.

For example, if you notice that they wrote with a lot of passion about a trip that they made to Europe, you can use this as a topic of discussion in your first message.

It is often best to ask open-ended questions when you send a first message to a person on dating sites.

This invites further discussion and entices them to respond.

You could say something like, “What was the best part of your trip to Europe?”

This is a simple open-ended question that addresses something that the person wrote about with enthusiasm in their dating profile.

Being that they enjoyed this trip, you have already put them at a happy place in their minds upon reading your message.

This is what encourages them to reply to you.

You should conduct the same strategy on both of the dating profiles that are on the different dating sites.

Even if they are the exact same dating profiles as far as what the person wrote, you should find something different in each of them to address as your first message.

Also, avoid mentioning that you saw the person on a different dating site.

Simply send them a message as though you are unaware that they have another dating profile on a different dating site.

This way, you don’t put the person in a position where they feel as though they have to explain themselves.

It also allows you to come off as though you are merely sending them a message of interest after having come across their dating profile, as opposed to stalking them on different dating sites.

It is wise to message the same person if you like them and found them on two different dating sites because you don’t really know which dating site they tend to be more engaged with.

By doing this, you cover yourself.

This person may not check their messages very often on one of these dating sites.

However, if you send them unique messages to both dating sites, you may increase your chances of getting them to read your message on at least one of those dating sites.