Should I Steer Clear Of Guys Who Reference Sex Being Important To Them In Their Dating Profile?

Should I Steer Clear Of Guys Who Reference Sex Being Important To Them In Their Dating Profile?

Sex is an important part of relationships.

If a guy has referenced sex as being important to him in his dating profile as part of what makes a relationship successful, he isn’t necessarily someone to steer clear of.

Although it is understandable to have a knee-jerk reaction every time a guy mentions sex or anything to do with it in his dating profile, thanks to the number of guys who use online dating sites strictly for hookups, you shouldn’t always balk when you see something like this mentioned in a guy’s dating profile.

The guys who are solely looking to hook up on online dating sites will often have a dating profile that is reeking with sexual undertones.

You will notice that they don’t really take that much time to write about anything substantive or insightful about themselves.

Their photos will also be very superficial.

There may be a few tight shirts or shirtless pics.

There is a lot of flirting with the camera almost as though they are trying to seduce you with their eyes.

It is a collection of “look at me” pics.

However, there just isn’t much substance to these pics.

You will rarely see pics that give you a better insight to what the guy is truly about besides looking good and flirting with the camera.

This is a guy that you can steer clear of with justification.

He isn’t looking for a serious relationship and it is just plain obvious.

The entire body of his dating profile has made that perfectly clear.

To really get a better sense of whether you are dealing with a guy who is all about trying to have sex with you, you should use a lot more than the mere mention of sex being important to him in his dating profile.

You should use the entire body of his dating profile.

There are some guys who are genuinely looking for long-term serious relationships who could mention that sex is important to them in a relationship on their dating profile.

Again, sex, for the most part, is an important element in relationships.

Most struggling couples who ultimately break up will tell you that their sex life was one of the casualties of their falling out with each other and this only added more fuel to their sense of disconnection.

Sex is not just about physical pleasure.

It helps couples to connect on a deeper level.

It enables them to be vulnerable and empowered all at the same time.

When that connection is lost, it can have a profound effect on a relationship.

In order to determine whether this is guy who just wants sex, take a look at the entire body of his dating profile.

If the majority of it is about who he is as a person and there is a lot of substance to what he writes and the kind of photos that he has posted on his dating profile, he is most likely about a lot more than just sex.

Just use your better judgment.

If you just feel uncomfortable with any mention of sex in a guy’s dating profile and feel the need to steer clear of him as a result, that is your prerogative.

However, oftentimes, you will miss out on compatible guys when you are too quick to judge them based on a reference to sex in their dating profiles.

If only a small part of their dating profile references sex as being important to them in a relationship but the rest is filled with substantive information, it may be to your benefit to give the guy a chance.