Online Dating: How Long After You Start Dating Should You Expect A Serious Commitment?

Online Dating: How Long After You Start Dating Should You Expect A Serious Commitment?

Some people get into a serious commitment relatively soon into dating and others take longer.

It just depends on the dynamics of your relationship.

What you shouldn’t do is have premature expectations on when a serious commitment should happen.

People that you meet through online dating come from different experiences.

Some of them may have been in long-term serious relationships in the real world.

They know how long it took for them to get into those relationships.

They may want to take the same amount of time to get into a serious commitment with whoever that they meet on an online dating site.

You may not know how much time this is.

On the flip side, you are coming into online dating with your own relationship experiences.

You may have been in serious commitments in the real world that started within a particular time frame.

Hence, you may expect that whoever you start dating on an online dating site would get into a serious commitment with you within this particular time frame.

So what you have here is a difference in experiences.

There may be two different set of expectations based on the real life serious relationships that you have both had.

This is why you should avoid trying to be too stringent in the length of time that it should take for you to get into a serious commitment with this person that you are dating from an online dating site.

The most important factor here is that the both of you should move at a healthy pace.

If you have both been in serious relationships in the real world, there may be some preset expectations on how long the both of you should date each other before expecting your relationship to become fully committed.

However, as long as you don’t try to force anything, there is a good chance that the both of you will move into a serious commitment within the natural pace of the relationship.

The best way to arrive at a serious commitment is when it is done mutually.

The both of you would just know that it is time.

Oftentimes, you will get hints in the conversations that you have with one another.

You may start noticing that the both of you are often talking about long-term goals that you both want to do or achieve together.

You may notice that the both of you may be spending a lot more time with each other than you spend with anyone else.

In essence, your schedules may now be designed in order to make time for each other whenever there is free time.

You may notice that you are both unwilling to make a decision about something that has come up in your real lives without getting the other person’s input.

In other words, you both need each other’s opinion in order to feel better about what route to take as far as how you intend to handle that real life issue.

These are all signs that your relationship is building towards a serious commitment.

The decision to get into a serious commitment could come about in a totally inadvertent way.

You may invite this person to an event and introduce them as your partner by accident.

However, you may notice a smile on the face of the person that you have been dating.

This instantly lets you know that they liked it when you introduced them as your partner.

Right there, inadvertently, you both mutually know that you are ready to be in a serious commitment.

It could also be something as simple as waking up to each other, looking each other in the eyes for a sustained period of time and instantly knowing that this is the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with.