Those Of You Who Met Your S.O. Online, How Long Did You Do Online Dating For?

Those Of You Who Met Your S.O. Online, How Long Did You Do Online Dating For?

The majority of people who meet their significant others online did online dating for three to six months.

However, it’s important to understand that these people didn’t just merely do online dating for three to six months before they met their significant other online, they were very active and methodical in their strategy.

Some people who start online dating often make the mistake of thinking that their romantic match will just come to them.

They may join an online dating site and have the belief that everything is now up to the online dating site and its matchmaking algorithm to find them a match.

This is a very bad approach.

You will only get so many matches on an online dating site and none of them may necessarily be what you want.

As a result, you have to also be active in your search in order to give yourself the best chance of finding that significant other.

Many people who met their significant other online had to go through several bad matches before they got there.

The matchmaking algorithm of an online dating site can only do so much.

It can never truly determine how well two people will get along.

Indeed, it may match the both of you because you have similar personality types or experiences but that doesn’t mean that the both of you will have chemistry upon interacting with each other on the online dating site.

There are too many other variables than what you merely input into an online dating site’s matchmaking algorithm.

This is why you shouldn’t solely rely on what matches an online dating site can send to you.

You have to be proactive in seeking out the right kind of matches for you and engage with those individuals as soon as you find them.

For the people who are doing online dating right and are consistent with their activity, they often meet their significant others within three to six months because it normally takes that much time to get through false starts.

In the process of getting to this significant other, you will often encounter matches that you thought would have worked out.

Again, everything seemed perfect on paper.

You both like a lot of the same things.

You have the same outlook on life.

You have the same ambitions.

However, somewhere along the line of communication and interaction, something just isn’t fitting.

You start getting the sense that though this person is seemingly perfect for you on paper, you are finding it hard being comfortable enough with this person that you are willing to open up to them.

This means that you aren’t experiencing chemistry with this person.

In your online dating journey, you may run into this experience a handful of times before you meet the significant other that is your true match.

This is why you should always exercise patience when you are online dating.

You shouldn’t allow yourself to get frustrated that you keep meeting matches that initially seem to be the right ones only to discover not long after that they weren’t.

This is simply the process of dating and it is normal.

You should take these brief disappointments in stride and understand that you are only becoming the better for them.

You are learning more and more about yourself and more and more about what it really takes to be with the right one for you.

All the lessons that you learn on this online dating journey only get you that much closer to the significant other that is right for you, as long as you bide your time and persevere through it.

It is the people who are able to do this that tend to meet their significant others and go on to have healthy relationships.