What Are The Weirdest Things That Have Happened To You In Online Dating?

What Are The Weirdest Things That Have Happened To You In Online Dating?

There are some things that happen with such frequency in online dating that removing them from the “weirdest” column to the “normal” column may be more apropos.

Think about a scenario where you may have initially joined an online dating site to meet a significant other.

You may have now been communicating with someone that you feel a good connection with for the past several weeks.

However, whenever you suggest that the both of you meet on a date in the real world, the person either gives an excuse not to, promises to show up but ultimately doesn’t or simply ignores the question altogether.

If you notice a pattern of this, there is a good chance that the person you have been interacting with on this online dating site is already married.

Yes, one of the weirdest things that happen to some people who do online dating is that they will run across married people on the online dating site.

It is quite a phenomenon.

You may have joined the online dating site with the purest of intentions.

You are single and available.

You engage in conversation with someone over the course of several weeks and eventually come to discover that the person is married.

Some married people come into online dating because they are seeking something that they aren’t getting in their marriage.

They may feel as though their spouse isn’t paying them any attention or doesn’t care about their well-being.

They may be going through some financial issues with their spouse that is now causing a strain on their relationship.

They may not be getting any physical intimacy from their spouse and are thereby horny.

They may have gained weight during the course of their relationship with their spouse and now their spouse doesn’t want to do anything with them both in a social sense or physical sense.

These married individuals then come to the online dating space in order to escape that miserable reality that is their marriage.

They may initially act as though they are single so that they will be accepted by whoever it is that they are interested in on the online dating site.

However, you will come to discover that this person never wants to meet up in real life on a date.

Soon, you learn that this person is married either through the person themselves or through doing some investigation of your own.

This is unfortunately one of the weirdest things that tends to happen to some people who do online dating.

Another one of the weirdest things that happens to some people who do online dating is that of misrepresentation.

You may start communicating with someone for a while and agree to meet up with that person for a date in real life.

When that person shows up on the date, they may appear to be a lot heavier or older than the photos that they have on their online dating profile.

People often put up old photos of themselves from when they were younger and more physically fit on their online dating profiles in order to attract the most attention and possibly find a romantic match.

Hence, it is a deceitful practice and unfortunately you may become a victim of it when you actually meet this person in real life.

Though these are some of the weirdest things that happens to some people who do online dating, it is not the only experience.

A lot of people do have positive experiences in online dating and ultimately find their romantic partners.

It is just wise to be cognizant of the possibility that you could come across some of these weird occurrences on your online dating journey from time to time.