What Does It Mean If A Guy That I Met On An Online Dating Website Says That He Is On Breakup Terms With His Girlfriend?

What Does It Mean If A Guy That I Met On An Online Dating Website Says That He Is On Breakup Terms With His Girlfriend?

This is most likely a guy who is constantly breaking up and making up with his girlfriend.

Hence, this guy that you met on an online dating website would not be a good candidate for you to pursue a real relationship with.

In essence, this is still a guy who has a relationship with his girlfriend.

It may be a shaky relationship, but it is still a relationship nonetheless.

By telling you that he is on breakup terms with her, he is trying to make you feel less worried about the fact that he actually has a girlfriend.

He is trying to give you the impression that the relationship with his girlfriend is all but over.

Perhaps he told you that the both of them may be in a situation where they are unable to break up entirely at this time.

Perhaps they still live together and one of them is working on moving out.

Perhaps he told you that they still have some kind of investment or property together that they are trying to iron out and split equally before they can officially break up for good.

Perhaps the both of them have decided to take a break from each other and date other people for a while and see whether this leads to them wanting to come back together or not.

Regardless of the reason that he gives you, it doesn’t change the fact that he is not available to you.

He really isn’t.

Oftentimes, guys like this will make up with their girlfriends and get back into a real relationship with her.

Again, this is most likely a couple that constantly breaks up and then makes up.

If you were to allow yourself to start talking to this guy for an extended period of time, you may become emotionally invested in him.

Unfortunately, he is not emotionally available to anyone at this time.

A good part of his feelings are still tied to his girlfriend, regardless of whether they are truly on breakup terms or not.

Hence, if you were to start investing the time and effort into getting to know this guy that you met on an online dating website, you may end up falling for a guy who won’t be able to fully give of himself to you emotionally.

You could also end up getting in the middle of all of this drama between him and his girlfriend.

This is never a good place to be.

Being in this position could lead to such a resentment of his girlfriend that you begin to overcompensate in trying to do things for him that you shouldn’t.

You may start doing favors for him that he hasn’t earned, in the hopes of showing him that you are a much better catch than his girlfriend.

This will put you in a very vulnerable position that he can take advantage of.

In the end, you would still end up with a guy who has chosen to get back with his girlfriend while you are left feeling used.

Again, you should not take the chance of putting yourself in this position.

A guy who tells you that he is on breakup terms with his girlfriend is indicating that he has a complicated relationship with his girlfriend and thereby, he has feelings for her that he is unable to let go of.

You would only be causing yourself unnecessary grief if you were to allow yourself to continue talking to him on the online dating website.

You are better off engaging with guys who are actually single.

This means that they don’t have a girlfriend or a girlfriend that they are on breakup terms with.

These are your better dating options on an online dating website.

Focusing on these type of guys will keep you from the kind of drama and heartbreak that you would experience with guys who are still tied to their girlfriends in some way.