Online Dating: Is It Normal For Guys To Have Zero Likes And Zero Matches?

Online Dating: Is It Normal For Guys To Have Zero Likes And Zero Matches?

Many guys have this experience.

They join an online dating site with all the hopes of romance that they can muster and end up with zero likes and zero matches.

It is disheartening.

Weeks go by and still the same thing.

Zero likes and zero matches.

The guy did everything that he believed he was supposed to in order to get attention from a potential mate.

He wrote a good bio and posted multiple quality pictures to his profile.

He took the quizzes and personality tests that were provided to him.

He sent some good messages to people of romantic interest and left some pleasant comments on their dating profile photos.

He even paid a little extra to give his profile a boost and get it to the top of search queries.

After all that effort, nothing.

His luck hasn’t changed.

Likes and matches remain at zero.

You are not alone in this experience.

Some guys even quit online dating when they experience this phenomenon.

But, you don’t have to go that far.

If you have done just about everything right as far as completing your dating profile and sending well-thought-out messages, there is very little reason why you should still be sitting at zero likes and zero matches several weeks into your membership on a dating site.

The first thing you should consider doing is contact the dating site.

Have them take a look at your account to make sure that there are no technical issues with it.

If they do that and find no technical issues, let them know that you paid for a boost and received zero likes and zero matches.

Sometimes, dating sites mess up.

Due to negligence, something may have gone wrong with the boost.

If something technically went wrong with the boost, they will fix it and you will start receiving likes and matches soon after.

If, yet again, they don’t discover that there were any technical issues with your boost, the problem lies in your dating profile.

Although you believe that you have written a good bio and completed the profile in its entirety, there is something that you are missing.

It could be something fairly minor that requires just a little tweak to fix and then everything will kick in.

Since you have already paid for a boost and discovered that there were no technical issues, you should ask about getting a profile review and update by an in-house dating expert.

The dating site knows what kind of profiles do the best on their platform.

They have all that data, thanks to the algorithm.

If you request an in-house dating expert to review your dating profile and work with you to get it updated, they will be able to do all the necessary tweaks to make your profile work.

They would know.

They work there.

They know what kinds of profiles work.

Paying a little extra for this service should make all of the difference.

If all you do is work and rework your dating profile, you may never get it right.

You would practically be doing guesswork hoping and praying something sticks.

The in-house dating expert knows exactly what works on their platform without having to do the guesswork.

You have already paid a little extra for a boost, you might as well pay a little extra for an in-house profile review and update.

When boosts work, the effect is temporary.

You would have to keep paying for boosts to get attention.

On the other hand, a well-done dating profile reconstructed by an in-house dating expert gives your dating profile a popularity that lasts for as long as you are a member on that dating site.