When You Are Getting Cold Feet Before Even Joining A Dating App?

When You Are Getting Cold Feet Before Even Joining A Dating App?

It isn’t unusual to be getting cold feet.

Joining a dating app is a big step for you.

It is new.

There is the fear that your expectations won’t be met.

You are terrified of failure.

The thought of putting yourself out there is hard enough.

What you post to your dating profile and what you write in it has you in fits.

This isn’t exposure that you are used to, but it is what comes with the territory.

You have to put yourself out there, such is the nature of a dating app.

Unfortunately, you don’t have much of a dating history, as you are more on the introverted or shy side.

Putting yourself on a dating app feels like taking a giant step into the unknown.

You already feel naked as you think about it, and you are yet to join a dating app and create your dating profile.

Take solace in this.

Many people before you went through what you are going through right now.

The anxiety and trepidation.

The fear that you won’t be successful in finding a partner.

The worry that you are compromising your autonomy on a dating app.

The human mind is a fascinating instrument and it can go off on a tangent when you let fear and anxiety influence it.

So don’t let it.

Ask yourself why it is you are thinking about joining a dating app.

That why should usurp any reservations you have.

All you have to do is think about a life without that why.

Is that a life you want to live?

Is that a life you would be happy living?

Once you come to terms with how important your why is, it’s easier to overcome cold feet and take that next step in joining a dating app.

Remember, this isn’t a life sentence.

You don’t have to stay on a dating app permanently.

You have every agency to delete your account should you reach a point where you are no longer interested in staying on.

You need to try though.

No matter how anxious you are about joining a dating app, you don’t know whether you will succeed unless you try.

If you don’t, you create a whole new problem.

A mind that constantly wonders about what could have been.

This is the last thing you want.

If you think your mind is a mess right now, it gets worse when it is left to think about what could have been.

Better to find out for yourself by joining up on a dating app, than wonder about what could have been.

Don’t worry about failure.

Too many people get frightened with the concept of failure.

Should you fail in finding a partner on a dating app, you gain valuable experience in how to go about talking and relating to people.

This is an advantage to you overall.

It means that you have acquired better social skills.

Being that you are more of an introvert or someone on the shy side, better social skills improves your ability to connect with people in your real life.

A real life comprised of a myriad of dating prospects the moment you step outside of your door.

Somewhere in this mix is a future boyfriend.