Online Dating: Do Men Swipe Right For An Ego Boost With No Intent Of Speaking To Matches?

Online Dating: Do Men Swipe Right For An Ego Boost With No Intent Of Speaking To Matches?

It gets irritating after a while.

You are presented with a guy’s dating profile.

You like what you see.

You swipe right on him and discover you are a match.

You are excited, as you wait for him to message you.

A day goes by and nothing happens, followed by another.

It isn’t until a week or so goes by that you realize that he isn’t intent on messaging you at all.

You are left scratching your head.

He had clearly swiped right on you.

You two were a match.

Why didn’t he message?

This isn’t the first time this has happened to you.

It has happened before.

You have gone as far as messaging a few of these men first.

Yet, the same result.

They don’t communicate.

This has left you wondering whether men on dating apps swipe right for an ego boost with no intent of speaking to their matches.

This conclusion becomes more apparent to you every time you match with a guy and he doesn’t message you.

Although, an ego boost is certainly not out of the question for some of these men, there is something else at play.

Many guys on dating apps swipe right on almost every girl’s dating profile.

This means that he isn’t bothering to pay that much attention to each dating profile.

As long as she looks halfway attractive, he swipes right and moves on.

Once he matches with a girl, he gives himself more time to study her dating profile.

If he doesn’t like what he sees all that much, he doesn’t message the girl.

Unfortunately, this is what he has done to you.

You were one of a multitude of dating profiles he swiped right on.

Upon matching with you, he took the time to study your dating profile.

Not taken by what he saw, he chose not to message you.

He has been playing the numbers game in swiping right indiscriminately on loads of dating profiles, and your dating profile so happened to be one of those.

Although he isn’t messaging you, there are women he is initiating conversations with and responding to.

These are the women who swiped right on his dating profile that he deems to be more attractive than you are.

This is a harsh reality about dating apps.

It isn’t fair to you, but many of these men don’t believe they have a choice but to play the numbers game.

This is how they have adapted to what women do.

Women are picky, swiping right at a very low percentage.

This has left men adopting the desperate strategy of swiping right at an exponential level, so as to increase their odds of getting a match.

Unfortunately, this desperation leads him to swipe right on the dating profiles of women who aren’t a good match for him.

Dating profiles like yours.

You are the side effect.

Left out in the cold when he doesn’t message you.

It’s a vicious cycle brought upon by human behavior.

One gender adapts to the behavior of the other.

As long as women continue to swipe right at such a low percentage, as low as 5% on some dating apps, many men on dating apps will keep adopting the strategy of swiping right indiscriminately on almost every dating profile they are presented with.