Online Dating: Why Do All Women Like Traveling So Much?

Online Dating: Why Do All Women Like Traveling So Much?

It happens over and over again.

Every dating profile you see has a woman declaring her love of travel, with pictures showcasing her travels.

You didn’t think anything of it in the beginning, but it has gotten ridiculous.

Just about every woman’s dating profile is like this.

In wild contrast to yours.

You don’t travel.

It has never been something you cared to do much of.

Short of a few trips within country, you stay put.

You are befuddled with this obsession with traveling.

Every woman’s dating profile screams it to the rooftops and it feels like that is all they want in a match.

A guy that travels.


What about character, morals and values?

You wouldn’t be surprised if these women would have no trouble dating criminals as long as said criminals love travel.

It’s like they have a travel fetish.

At what point did humanity go from loving travel as a pastime to making travel a job?

You believe that you don’t look cool to these women, as your dating profile doesn’t say anything about travel.

There are no photos of you running around exotic locations in Europe, the Caribbean or the Middle East, with your camera in tow.

You consider yourself a regular guy with good old-fashioned values, and don’t believe you have to travel all over the world to prove you have substance.

You can’t help but think that these women are mostly doing all this traveling to look good.

Lots of their travel photos end up on social media.

Is that it?

Is all this traveling about looking good and getting more followers on social media?

Is this where she gets her excitement and sense of self-worth?

You don’t want to think the worst of these women, but you are getting close to your boiling point.

Several of these women have refused to match with you and you have no doubt that it has to do with your travel deficiency.

This isn’t fair.

There is more to a human being than how many visa stamps they have on their passport.

I get your frustration.

You aren’t wrong in what you have been observing on dating apps in terms of travel.

Lots of women on dating apps do proclaim their love for travel on their dating profiles.

For someone who doesn’t travel, this has led you to believe that this is the reason why said women don’t swipe right on your dating profile.

This isn’t a smart way to approach this issue.

A woman who doesn’t match with you solely on the basis of your lack of travel is in the minority.

Women are multifaceted.

A love of travel is only one aspect of what comprises her life and persona.

It’s time for you to do some introspection.

What do we human beings tend to do when we aren’t succeeding at something?

Blame someone or something outside of ourselves.

The dearth in matches has left you extremely frustrated.

As a red-blooded human being, this has left you looking for someone or something to blame.

So you blame these women who seemingly have a fetish for travel on their dating profiles.

It’s easier this way, as it takes responsibility away from you.

This doesn’t do you any good.

Here is a suggestion.

Have someone you know and respect read your dating profile, preferably a woman.

There are strong odds that your dating profile isn’t attractive to the eye.

Not having an affinity for traveling doesn’t mean that you have an excuse to post boring photos on your dating profile.

Your photos aren’t eye-catching.

You aren’t showcasing your interests and hobbies.

They are random, disorganized and drab.

Ditto for your bio.

It isn’t filled with personality and wit.

It is monotonous and sounds like a boring lecture from a boring professor.

The issue isn’t the women who seemingly have a fetish for traveling, it’s you.

As long as you don’t make changes to your dating profile, you will keep looking to these women as a scapegoat.

That gets you nowhere.