When You Can’t See Past The Ugly Nose Jewelry She’s Wearing In Her Dating Profile Pics?

When You Can't See Past The Ugly Nose Jewelry She's Wearing In Her Dating Profile Pics?

You are seeing more and more women with dating profiles that have pics of them in ugly nose jewelry and you aren’t pleased.

Some of them even have pretty good profiles overall.

They just have to keep ruining their looks with those pics of themselves wearing ugly nose jewelry.

Many people want to find their own brand of identification.

That is what expression has always been about.

You can go as far back as the stone age to find people who used elaborate forms of expression through their physicality to find their own brand of identification.

Today is no different than how it was back then.

You just get to see a lot more of it with the advent of technology.

Thanks to our dating apps and social media accounts, people have a vehicle to show the world their expression.

Although you can’t see past the ugly nose jewelry in these pics, she believes this to be her form of expression.

If you think about it, you most likely have a way that you go about expression.

If you have a tattoo or more on your body, that is a form of expression.

That is part of how you identify who you are.

That tattoo means something to you.

It has a story behind it.

Expression isn’t always about having tattoos or body jewelry either.

A person’s form of expression can be in how they live, where they live, who they choose to associate themselves with, etc.

These women have chosen to be more visible in how they express themselves and that is where the nose jewelry comes in.

This is one of the ways that they are communicating with you.

Dating apps are impersonal spaces where the only sense we get about a person’s character is based on what they write on their bio and the pics they post.

This is the first impression that you are going to get of her.

A stranger.

Just another face on a cavalcade of anonymous faces on a dating app.

She wants to stick out.

She wants you to know that she has a unique character.

She wants to add some flavor to her so that she isn’t just another face that you are either about to swipe left or right on.

Her nose jewelry is part of her sense of identification.

It is part of a whole.

A piece of the puzzle that makes her uniquely who she is.

You think those ugly pieces of nose jewelry are ruining otherwise good profiles.

To them, the nose jewelry enhances their dating profiles.

They don’t just want you to see their looks and judge them on a scale of how physically cute they are.

Some of them want you to look at them as more than just a cute face.

They want you to look at their nose jewelry and think about what form of expression they are trying to convey.

Others have gotten so used to being associated with their nose wear that it has become a part of them.

Their nose jewelry has become so much a part of their daily lives that they cannot imagine a time that they didn’t wear them.

Women with this perception don’t care about what you think about their nose jewelry nor are they wearing the nose jewelry to deliver any particular message.

It has just become a part of who they are, almost invisible to them at this point.

Having to take it off to snap some pics for a dating app would be akin to cutting off a limb.

That is how much of a part of them those pieces of nose jewelry have become.

If you can’t see past all this, simply keep swiping left.

She isn’t going to get rid of her nose jewelry to make you happy.

The beauty of online dating apps is in abundance.

You are bound to find dating profiles with pics of women who aren’t wearing ugly nose jewelry.