Why Did He Stop Emailing Me On An Online Dating Site?

Why Did He Stop Emailing Me On An Online Dating Site?

He got bored with the conversation and stopped emailing you to end the drudgery.

The both of you may have gotten stuck in the trap of regurgitating the same old topics to talk about.

Perhaps he was hoping that you would come up with new topics to talk about after a while.

He may have been the one who was constantly having to come up with new topics to talk about on the online dating site.

He may have just gotten tired of having to do that all the time.

Hence, he gave up on that.

After a while, the topics just became more and more predictable.

He may have felt like he was wasting too much time and energy in having these conversations with you.

As a result, he decided to stop emailing you on the online dating site.

It can be easy for people to get comfortable with talking about the same old topics over and over again.

This way, they don’t have to think too much about what to talk about or become more creative with the topics.

Oftentimes, in a scenario like this, someone will end up getting bored with the conversation and will stop emailing as a result.

He may have stopped emailing you because he decided to apply more of his attention toward someone else that he was talking to simultaneously.

He may have had another conversation going on with someone else on the online dating site while he was emailing you.

That other conversation may have been doing a lot better than the one he was having with you.

Perhaps he feels a lot more comfortable emailing this person.

Perhaps he enjoys this person’s humor.

Perhaps he feels that he has a lot more in common with this person.

He may have simply reached a point where he decided that he would be better off focusing his attention on emailing this person exclusively.

He feels that this is a person that he may be the most compatible with.

Hence, he may not have wanted to expend any more time and energy in emailing you on the online dating site.

He may have stopped emailing you because you may have said something in your last email to him that turned him off.

You may not have noticed this at the time.

You may have simply felt as though you were having another normal email conversation with him.

However, there may have been something that you said that turned him off.

Perhaps it was a viewpoint that you shared.

Perhaps it was an activity that you enjoy that he really doesn’t.

Perhaps it was a way that you responded to something that he said.

Perhaps it was a question that you asked.

It could really be anything.

However, there is a good chance that if you go back to your last email conversation with him and take a look at it, there will be an area where you notice that he didn’t give you a particularly happy response.

He may have tried not to be too obvious with the fact that he didn’t like what you emailed, but you may still notice that there was a lack of energy or uplift in that response.

That email from you may have been enough to make him feel that he doesn’t connect with you in the way he should.

He may have stopped emailing you on an online dating site because he just thinks that you are not into him.

He may have tried flirting with you in past emails and you didn’t really respond to it.

He may have reached the point where he just feels that you don’t like him romantically.

He may have gotten the impression that you are only emailing him because you want to have a friend to talk to and nothing more.

As a result, he may have decided to stop emailing you so as not to put himself in a position where he develops feelings for you that are not reciprocated.