Why Did My Ex Message Me On A Dating Site?

Why Did My Ex Message Me On A Dating Site?

Your ex misses you.

They may have joined the dating site in order to help them get over the breakup.

So far, they may not have had any luck with trying to find someone else to replace you.

Hence, there is a chance that your ex is still thinking about their previous relationship with you and thereby felt the need to message you on a dating site.

They may have been hoping to have gotten over you quicker.

However, that may not have happened.

When your ex saw your dating profile, it may have triggered a good number of memories.

They may have thought about some of the good experiences that they shared with you.

Your ex may have been reminiscing about what it was like to be around you.

Those good memories may have made them miss you even more.

It is unlikely that they would have thought about the bad parts about your relationship when they saw your dating profile.

Oftentimes, a degree of space and time will make an ex that misses you almost ignore the fact that their previous relationship was not all fun and roses.

Being that your ex has now been away from you for a period of time, they will naturally think about the good parts of the relationship.

When they think about these good parts, they feel good.

They may not have met anyone on the dating site that has made them feel anywhere near this good in some time.

Hence, your ex decides to message you because they just want more of that good feeling and they are hoping that they will make you feel just as good.

Perhaps this mutual feeling could bring the both of you back together.

Your ex may have messaged you on a dating site because they may want to gauge how you have been dealing with the breakup.

They may not have gotten over you quite yet.

They may be wondering if you have been having a difficult time dealing with the breakup as well.

They may be hoping that you have also been having a rough time with it.

This way, they know that they aren’t the only ones who are having a hard time.

In essence, they will feel a sense of consolation that you are also suffering.

Your ex may have messaged you on a dating site because they don’t want you to move on.

They may still be upset about how the relationship ended or what led to it.

They may still be holding grudges about it.

When they saw your dating profile, they may have had a reflexive reaction of anger.

They know that there is a chance that you could find someone to date on the dating site and forget about them.

They may not want that.

Perhaps they want you to continue suffering or to continue dwelling on the breakup.

By sending you a message, they are able to come back into your consciousness and disrupt what you are doing.

They may be hoping that in invading your space so to speak in this way, you will think about how much of a mistake you made in ruining the relationship.

If they are able to get back into your thoughts in a negative way, they will be able to keep you from fully focusing on the guys who may be messaging you on the dating site.

This way, you will not be able to move on.

Your ex may have messaged you on a dating site because they want to see if you still care.

They may not necessarily want to get back into a relationship with you. However, they know that they would get an ego boost if they noticed that you still cared about them.

They may not have had that much luck in meeting someone to date on the dating site.

In messaging you, they may be hoping to get a sense that you still care so that they feel encouraged about their own appeal.

They would use this boost to help them feel better about the fact that they are yet to find anyone to date on the dating site.