I’m Really Mad At This Guy That I Met On A Dating Website And I’m Sick Of Him Confusing Me?

I'm Really Mad At This Guy That I Met On A Dating Website And I'm Sick Of Him Confusing Me?

If you are really mad at this guy, he has most likely been consistently misbehaving.

You may have been letting him get away with bad behavior.

Now you have gotten sick of him confusing you.

You may have helped to facilitate his behavior.

Once you allowed him to get away with bad behavior when he first committed it, you gave him the impression that he can get away with even more bad behavior.

This is often what happens when you aren’t staunch about the lines that you will not allow anyone that you are talking to romantically to cross.

If you have allowed this guy to get away with a lot of bad behavior in the past, he is just going to keep feeling that much more emboldened to keep misbehaving.

He will continue confusing you because he knows that he can get away with it.

You probably really like this guy.

You may have really enjoyed meeting him on a dating website and getting to know him.

He may have appeared to be the kind of person that you tend to be attracted to.

However, do understand that some people can be deceiving on a dating website.

He may have initially seemed really amazing when you first started talking to him on the dating website.

However, he may not have been showing his true colors.

There may be a part of you that is still holding on to that initial feeling that he gave you.

You may still be holding on to those first few interactions that you had with him.

You may have felt so good about how he made you feel that you started fantasizing about what it would be like to meet this guy and even be his girlfriend.

You are going to have to let go of that fantasy.

You are sick of the fact that he is confusing you because he has not been honest about his real intentions.

A guy who is truly romantically invested in a girl will not confuse her.

He will be very clear about the fact that he is really into the girl.

He will show just how much he is into her through his actions.

He won’t make promises that he doesn’t keep.

If anything, he will make promises and over-deliver.

This means that he will ask you out on dates regularly and will show up.

He will communicate with you regularly and will keep asking you questions so as to get to know you even better.

He will care about your hopes and dreams.

He will encourage you in order to help you achieve them.

If you are sad or having a bad day, he will do everything that he can to cheer you up.

If you have success in your life, he will be just as happy as you are.

A guy who truly wants to be with you will not be confusing in the way that he behaves.

If anything, he would want you to understand that he is really feeling you so that you don’t think about dating other guys.

You are really mad at this guy that you met on a dating website because he has most likely not shown you this kind of behavior.

Perhaps he will be good for a little while and show you the right kind of attention.

But soon after, he disappears or doesn’t follow through with his promises.

This is honestly not really confusing behavior.

You may believe that it is because there are some moments when he seems so into you.

However, when a guy is this inconsistent in his behavior, he is showing that he lacks true interest in the girl.

She may be good to help kill his boredom from time to time but she isn’t someone that he actually wants to be with.

There is really nothing confusing about that. It is quite clear.

He is just not as interested in you as you would like him to be.