Why Do Desirable Women Use Online Dating When They Can Clearly Find A Boyfriend With Their Eyes Closed?

Why Do Desirable Women Use Online Dating When They Can Clearly Find A Boyfriend With Their Eyes Closed?

Online dating makes it easier for these women to be more targeted in who they choose to communicate with.

Though they are desirable women that can clearly find a boyfriend with their eyes closed, this doesn’t mean that they get the right kind of attention in real life.

They are not getting approached by the kind of guys that they would consider to be great candidates for boyfriends in their day to day lives.

Desirable women can get approached by some of the most undesirable men.

These are men who aren’t always polite with their approach.

These are men who often believe that they are owed something by this desirable woman and thereby they can speak to her in any way they choose.

Many of the men who approach desirable women in the real world are often the kind of men who don’t have much respect for relationships.

In essence, many can even be called players.

Some of these desirable women may have fallen prey to some of these players in the past.

They may have been approached by a player who seemed to be a little bit more respectful and possibly even charming.

This desirable woman may have allowed herself to open up to this player even though in the back of her mind she was worried about doing so.

However, this is the only half-decent approach she has experienced in a while and she is lonely.

After all, she is human. She wants companionship.

She proceeds to give this player a chance only to have her heart broken later on.

This guy may have ended up cheating on her or may have become abusive.

This desirable woman cusses herself out for being so stupid and vows not to make the same mistake again.

More abrasive men continue to approach her trying to become a potential boyfriend.

She could have any of these men with her eyes closed but she knows that they aren’t good men for her and most of them only want to sleep with her.

Eventually, this desirable woman decides to use online dating.

She knows that it may be a risk.

However, she is fed up with the abrasive men who approach her in the real world.

She has also just about given up on the concept that a good man will have the courage to approach her in the real world.

Hence, this desirable woman starts using an online dating site even when she can clearly find a boyfriend in the real world with her eyes closed.

The problem has never been the ability to find a boyfriend for this desirable woman.

The problem has always been the inability to find the right kind of boyfriend.

On an online dating site, she hopes that she will have a better chance at finding the right kind of boyfriend for her.

She knows that lots of men go to online dating sites to find girlfriends.

She hopes that somewhere in that melee of men, she will find her boyfriend and thereby her prize.

Some desirable women may actually use online dating sites because they have experienced the complete opposite of what has just been described.

Indeed, there are some desirable women who have never been approached by guys, whether the guys be players or not.

This often leaves the desirable woman wondering what is wrong with her.

Everyone she knows tells her about how pretty she is and why she should have no problem finding a boyfriend with her eyes closed.

However, though she may put herself out there by going to the social events and functions, she is never approached or asked out by guys.

It gets to the point where she decides to take her fate into her own hands and sign up on an online dating site.

This way, she hopes that she gets approached.

Guys have been very hesitant to approach her in the real world because they often get intimidated by her beauty.

However, guys tend to be a lot more bold with approaching women on online dating sites.

Guys do not fear rejection anywhere near as much on online dating sites as they do in the real world.

This desirable woman who has never been approached or asked out by a guy hopes that her luck in finding a boyfriend will change by resorting to using an online dating site.