Is Online Dating A Woman’s Market?

Is Online Dating A Woman's Market?

Online dating is a market for both women and men.

Indeed, on average, women tend to get the most attention and messages from men on online dating sites.

However, as long as men come into online dating with the right mentality and strategy, they can do just as well as women do over time.

One of the reasons why so many men fail at online dating is because they do have that market mentality when it comes to online dating.

They come into online dating believing that they are in a big market where they can pick and choose what they want to acquire.

This is not a good approach to online dating.

When a guy looks at women on an online dating site as merely products or commodities that they can acquire like they would at a market, they dehumanize all these women.

Women on online dating sites do not want to be dehumanized.

Something that men who have this market mentality when it comes to online dating often do is copy and paste the same message to multiple women on the dating site.

By doing this, they are looking at these women as merely commodities and not individuals.

Women rarely respond to copy and pasted messages because they know that the guy is dehumanizing them by sending the exact same message to multiple women on the online dating site.

This doesn’t make them feel special.

When you have this market mentality kind of approach to online dating, you are going to fail at online dating.

These women are still unique human beings with feelings and emotions.

They are no different from the women that you would meet in your daily life in the real world.

Hence, they want to be treated as unique individuals.

The men who tend to have success in online dating aren’t the ones who have a market mentality to their approach in online dating.

They take their time to read a woman’s online dating profile before actually sending a message to her.

They look at each woman that they are interested in on the online dating site as unique individuals with unique life experiences.

They understand that these women have certain wants and needs.

These men are able to find things in common with these women that makes them feel that much more connected or drawn to these women.

Those who don’t find commonalities may still like the woman and take interest in her hobbies and life experiences.

In other words, these men who are successful in online dating look at the dating profiles of the women that they like and ask themselves whether they would be compatible with this particular woman.

Instead of getting caught up in how good the woman looks in her photos, the men who are successful in online dating are more focused on whether they can actually find common ground with this woman and perhaps find some shared experiences or views.

With this kind of patience and approach to online dating, these men consequently send the right kind of messages to the right kind of women.

They didn’t base their decision to send a message on how pretty the woman was.

They based it on how impactful and unique that woman’s online dating profile was.

These are often the men who get responses to their messages from women.

The men who approach online dating with the market mentality rarely get responses to their messages because their messages are often facetious and superficial in nature.

Most women aren’t going to even bother responding to those kind of messages.

This is why you should never have the market mentality when it comes to online dating.

If you treat each and every woman of interest that you find on an online dating site as a unique and dynamic individual, you will have a much higher likelihood of succeeding in online dating.