Why Have Very Few Guys Messaged Me Through An Online Dating Site?

Why Have Very Few Guys Messaged Me Through An Online Dating Site?

They don’t like the photos that you have on your online dating profile.

Very few guys in this world will discover a dating profile that has unappealing pictures and be inspired to message the woman behind it.

Guys are normally very visual in how they go about finding a romantic partner at the early stages.

Being able to connect with a girl visually is what often motivates them to get to know her.

Thereby, the first place that they will typically pay attention to on a girl’s online dating profile is her photo section.

Guys may have gone to your photos on the online dating site and they may not be happy with their quality.

As a result, you may be getting very few guys message you through the online dating site.

You should take a look at the kind of photos that you have on your online dating profile.

Have some photos that are visually appealing. In other words, try not to only have photos that show you in a group of people or from a distance.

These are the wrong kind of photos to post on your online dating profile.

To improve the number of guys who message you through an online dating site, you should have photos that clearly show your face and shape.

It is really important that you don’t fall into the trap of trying to hide your face or body in some way.

Guys will often catch this and they will interpret this as meaning that you are hiding an imperfection about yourself.

These kind of vague or obscure photos where guys are unable to get a good read for what you look like will often lead to very few guys messaging you through this online dating site.

Guys often worry that if they attempt to message a girl who doesn’t have good photos on her online dating profile that clearly show what her face and body look like, they may end up investing a lot of time and energy on a girl who isn’t at all attractive to them.

Guys typically don’t want to put themselves in this position.

Hence, they will often be cautious when it comes to online dating profiles like this and avoid interacting with the girl as a result.

If you have these kind of photos on your online dating profile, you should remove them.

Focus on posting photos that clearly show your face and body.

They must be recent.

Do not get tempted to post photos of yourself that are several years old.

If the photos on your online dating profile do not quite mesh with the age that you are representing yourself to be on the online dating site, guys will know that you are being dishonest.

This will cause very few guys to message you on the online dating site.

Another reason why very few guys have messaged you on the online dating site could also be because you are very stringent in what you are looking for in a romantic partner.

You may have said that you are looking for a guy of a particular height and income.

If the height and income you inputted into your online dating profile is above what most men in the real world are or earn, a lot of men may choose to refrain from sending you a message.

Most men don’t want to feel inadequate by interacting with someone who is looking for something more than they can offer.

Hence, they will avoid that woman.

Take a look at the requirements that you have inputted into your online dating profile for a romantic partner.

Whether it be in height, income or some other requirement, you may have to make some tweaks by lowering some of them.

This doesn’t mean that you are lowering your standards.

All it means is that you are being more reasonable and realistic about the situation.

Most of the men on online dating sites are regular men. They do not represent the one percent of society.

If that is what you want, there are smaller, more exclusive niche dating sites for that.