Online Dating: Are Group Photos A Good Idea?

Online Dating: Are Group Photos A Good Idea?

Group photos are not a good idea in online dating.

Group photos make it very difficult for the person who is on your online dating profile to tell which one in the group you are.

It just makes this person’s experience that much more unenjoyable while they are on your online dating profile.

In fact, you may have done well with your online dating profile.

You may have had a good idea with your online dating profile essay and executed that idea perfectly. You showcased your personality and your outlook on life ebulliently.

So, you already had this person.

All you had to do after this was just have some good photos.

Unfortunately, you didn’t have a good idea for your photos.

Instead of posting photos on your online dating profile that clearly showcased you engaged in fun and interesting activities, you decided to populate your dating profile with group photos.

This does you a disservice because the person is having a hard time making you out from the rest of the group.

This takes this person’s enjoyment of your online dating profile from a very high percentage to below fifty percent.

The likelihood that you will receive a message of interest from this person diminishes ever so strongly as they continue to browse through your photos only to find more and more group photos.

By the time they have seen the last group photo, they are done and decide to move on to the next online dating profile without sending you a message.

It is not just that you are hard to make out when you post group photos, it is also that it sends a bad message about your character to the person who is on your online dating profile.

It tells that person that there is something that you are hiding.

You come off as though you are insecure about how you look.

In essence, you want to hide among all those other people in your group photos so that you can take the attention or focus away from you.

This is never a good idea.

It gives the person who is on your online dating profile the impression that you don’t have confidence or belief in yourself.

This doesn’t make you attractive to this person.

Most people don’t want to be around someone who has such a low opinion of themselves.

On the contrary, most people want to be with someone who has a healthy opinion of themselves.

This makes them feel better about being around that person.

This makes them feel proud to show this person off to their friends and family.

When you have such a lowly opinion of yourself, this will often also reflect on the other person who may be in a relationship with you.

Nobody wants to have that kind of energy bouncing off them.

Hence, they leave your online dating profile and move on to the next.

Also, it is not a good idea to have group photos because you may unintentionally give attention to other members of the group who may be more attractive or appealing than you.

If this person was already liking what they saw on your online dating profile until they found your photos and discovered how diminutive you are compared to the other people in the group photo, you could easily ruin their attraction for you.

It is not a good idea to put yourself in a position where your physical appeal is being compared with the other people in your group photos.

This could greatly diminish your physical appeal and make the person who is on your dating profile think twice or hesitate about sending you a message.