Why Is My Boyfriend On Dating Websites When We Are On A Break?

Why Is My Boyfriend On Dating Websites When We Are On A Break?

He is using this current opportunity to find out if there is something better out there.

In essence, he is using this break to get on dating websites so that he can find out what kinds of girls are available in the area.

Perhaps the both of you are on break as there has been some strain in the relationship.

Perhaps you have both been fighting often or you are both finding it really difficult to communicate openly with each other.

If you have both decided to take a break from the relationship, your boyfriend may feel that he now has room to breathe.

Perhaps he was feeling really smothered in the relationship.

It may not have even had everything to do with any fighting or arguing that the both of you have been having.

It may have just had more to do with a sense that he is smothered and expected to give too much of himself in the relationship.

He may feel as though you have been asking too much of him emotionally and that you are never satisfied with anything that he tries to do to appease you emotionally.

Thereby, his relationship with you recently may have been more akin to being in an airtight chamber somewhere and unable to breathe.

He may have simply felt really smothered by you.

In mutually deciding that the both of you should take a break, he may have now had the opportunity to relax and reflect on the relationship.

He may have realized just how smothered and trapped he felt in the relationship.

As a result, he may have decided to get on dating websites to see if he can possibly find someone who isn’t so smothering.

Your boyfriend may be on dating websites during this break because he is seeking a distraction.

He may have been consumed or overwhelmed with so many thoughts about his relationship with you in recent days or weeks.

He may have reached the point where he just wanted a break from these thoughts.

By getting on dating websites, he is able to get that distraction.

He can look at the dating profiles of other girls and even fantasize about what it would be like to date them.

He may just be happy that he is now able to get some reprieve from thoughts of his relationship with you.

He may not be quite sure of how far he intends to take his foray into dating websites.

However, for now, during this break from the relationship with you, he is getting some respite from his riotous thoughts about you.

Your boyfriend may be on dating websites when you are both on a break from the relationship because he may have the feeling that his relationship with you may be in jeopardy of ending in the foreseeable future.

He may want to prepare himself for this possibility by making sure that he has started interacting with new girls through the use of dating websites.

This way, if the relationship was to officially end in the near future, he would already have a few girls that he would have been talking to on dating websites.

Doing this gives him more of a sense of security.

This also gives him the opportunity not to be so emotionally dependent on his relationship with you.

He can start siphoning off some of that emotional dependency on some other girls that he may meet on dating websites.

Hence, if that official break up were to finally happen, he knows that he wouldn’t be as emotionally devastated as he would have been if not for the dating websites.