Would You Use A Personalized Dating Service Over Online Dating?

Would You Use A Personalized Dating Service Over Online Dating?

Online dating is a better way to go about meeting a significant other over using a personalized dating service.

For one, online dating sites have a lot more members to match you with than a personalized dating service does.

A personalized dating service would typically not have as many members because these services tend to be more exclusive.

In other words, people who use personalized dating services are normally more traditional-minded in nature and may actually feel intimidated by using technology to find a romantic match.

In essence, they would rather stick with something that is a little bit more familiar to them.

By going to a personalized dating service, they are able to interact with a matchmaker face to face and give them the kind of information that they would have had to input into an online dating profile on a dating site.

At first, this kind of personalized service may seem advantageous, however, there are very few people who still have this hands on approach to dating.

Thereby, the personalized dating service would have a lot less members to match this person with.

Hence, if you were to go about trying to meet your romantic match by using a personalized dating service, you would be putting yourself in a position where you may have to wait for weeks, possibly even months, before the personalized dating service is able to find a possible match for you.

If you were to finally interact with this person after weeks or months of waiting to get matched, you may not even like this person.

The both of you may not actually connect.

Due to this outcome, you will have to wait yet again on the personalized dating service to find you another romantic match.

This could take another several weeks or months because, again, the personalized dating service will only have a limited pool of members available at any given time.

This can become a very frustrating process and hence why choosing a personalized dating service over online dating may not be the best choice.

It could get to the point where you discover that you have now been using the personalized dating service for a year and you have only had a couple of matches in that time.

Your membership is now about to expire and the personalized dating service is asking you to renew.

Personalized dating services tend to have much higher membership fees than online dating sites do.

Hence, you are now in a position where you may feel that you have wasted good money on a personalized dating service that only gave you a couple of matches during the span of your year-long membership.

This is never a position that you will be in with online dating.

Online dating may be less expensive than a personalized dating service, but that doesn’t mean that it is less rewarding.

Online dating sites tend to have a lot more members than a personalized dating service does.

Though not every member is going to be your romantic match, the sheer volume of members still gives you the best opportunity in finding a romantic match.

Online dating also allows you the opportunity to interact with multiple dating prospects at the same time. This gives you the advantage of not having to put all of your romantic hopes on one person.

When you are interacting with multiple people simultaneously, you are able to gauge each person’s character over a sustained period of time so that you can determine who best matches with your personality.

Using online dating over a personalized dating service also gives you the advantage of being in control of your own fate.

You aren’t relying on some matchmaking employee at a personalized dating service to match you with someone that you hope will be your match.

Instead, you have full control over who you believe would be your match based on what you are gathering about that person from their online dating profile and the kind of interaction that you may be currently having with the person on the online dating site.

You know what you like in a person.

Putting that aspect of dating in the hands of a matchmaking employee at a personalized dating service only increases the likelihood that they will never actually get it right.