I’m New To Online Dating. Is It Okay To Message The Guy First Once You Are Matched?

I'm New To Online Dating. Is It Okay To Message The Guy First Once You Are Matched?


You shouldn’t be worried about messaging the guy first once you are matched.

In fact, the mistake that girls who are new to online dating often make is in waiting on the guy to message them first.

They come into online dating with the same mentality that they have in real life when it comes to courtship.

In the real world of dating, they are used to being the ones being initially talked to by guys.

They are used to guys making the first move on them.

Unfortunately, they bring this mentality into online dating and it often diminishes their chances of finding the right guy for them.

Online dating is a different type of medium.

There are a lot of dating options for guys.

It can be easy to get lost in all of it.

If you don’t take action to get the attention of a guy that you like on an online dating site, he could easily end up dating someone else.

This is why you should be assertive when it comes to online dating.

It is so easy for people to get distracted with all of the dating options that there are.

If you take the chance in sending him the first message, you are instantly differentiating yourself from many of the other girls on an online dating site who are waiting for guys to message them.

This alone will set you apart.

He may even feel compelled to answer your message because he has been taken by surprise and he wants to know more about this bold girl.

Again, online dating is different what you have experienced in real life.

Yes, you will still get the attention of lots of men on an online dating site.

In fact, if you are new to online dating, you should be prepared to get besieged by messages from lots of men.

This may sound good initially.

However, it can get really tiresome having to read through dozens of messages from men who didn’t even bother to read your dating profile and only messaged you because you are an attractive woman.

When you take the initiative to message a guy first that you have matched with, you are taking your dating destiny into your own hands.

You are allowing yourself to reach out to someone that you are actually interested in as opposed to hoping that someone in your myriad of messages from all these men will be a good match for you.

This is leaving way too much to chance.

If you matched with this guy, there is a good reason for it.

If you have read his dating profile and liked what you saw, you should take that as a reason to reach out to him.

Hence, it is okay to send that first message to this guy.

However, make sure you send a good message.

Don’t play it safe by only saying, “Hi.”

Find something intriguing about his dating profile and ask him a question about it.

This is one of the best types of first messages to send on an online dating site.

It often opens up conversation that may ultimately lead to romance.