Am I Doing Something Wrong? Because This Online Dating Thing Is Getting Really Discouraging?

Am I Doing Something Wrong? Because This Online Dating Thing Is Getting Really Discouraging?

You may be doing something wrong.

This online dating thing is typically not as easy as most people who start doing it thought it would be.

It can start getting really discouraging when you aren’t getting the kind of results you hoped you would.

In a situation like this, you should really think about what you have been doing.

The people who are successful doing this online dating thing aren’t the ones who gave up and got discouraged after a few disappointments.

They may have initially had the same notion that you did when you first started this online dating thing.

However, once they realized what they were doing wrong, they made adjustments.

Have you attempted to make any adjustments in your approach to this online dating thing?

Have you looked at your online dating profile and made appropriate adjustments to it?

Your online dating profile is your identity.

This is what people use to judge whether they should respond to a message that you may have sent them or whether they should actually initiate a conversation with you.

You cannot make it haphazardly and believe that people are going to respond to it in the way you want them to.

You need to take a look at it and make adjustments where necessary.

This means that if you are yet to receive any messages whatsoever or you have received very few, you should redo your entire dating profile.

Change the tone of the profile.

Make it more interesting by showing your personality.

Sometimes, during the process of creating an online dating profile, people become constricted.

They worry that they may not come off the right way if they were merely to be themselves in their online dating profiles.

As a result, they play it safe.

They write a very safe and relatively boring online dating profile that has no life or energy to it.

This is not going to attract people to your dating profile nor make them want to send a message to you.

You should not approach your online dating profile with caution.

You should use it as your opportunity to really showcase your personality.

Don’t be discouraged by the thought that you may turn off some people.

That is perfectly fine.

Indeed, you may truly turn off some people, but that doesn’t matter.

The people who get turned off by the personality you are displaying on your online dating profile wouldn’t have matched up with you anyway.

The people who come to your online dating profile and love that personality that you are displaying are the ones who will best match with you.

Hence, don’t try to be the people-pleaser.

It is actually best not to be that because you aren’t going to match up with most people anyway.

This is not a popularity contest. You are trying to find your match.

This online dating thing will feel a lot less discouraging to you when you take the gloves off and just be who you are.

This will be reflected on your online dating profile and in the photos that you upload to it.

This is how you correct what you may have been doing wrong and make this whole online dating thing work for you.