Anyone Else Think Online Dating Is Useless If You’re A Man?

Anyone Else Think Online Dating Is Useless If You're A Man?

As a man, you will not be approached as much on an online dating site as a woman would.

That is just how the online dating space works.

It is very similar to how it is in real life.

In the real world, women are approached more by men than the other way around.

Again, it is no different in the online dating world.

This is something that you need to come to terms with.

Often, guys will start online dating believing that this will be the cure to all of their dating woes.

They approach online dating to some extent with a sense of entitlement. They approach online dating with the sense that they can just sit back and let the women come to them.

This is not typically how dating works in the real world.

Hence, it will be the same in online dating.

Though you may be meeting dating prospects online, you are still dealing with human beings.

These are human beings who have grown up in the real world and know what the dating norms are. Their mentality is not suddenly going to completely turn around or flip simply because they have started online dating.

Thereby, as a woman, she will still come into this online dating space with a lot of the same expectations that she has had when dating men that she met in the real world.

She would still expect to be courted and approached.

This is the majority of women.

There are some women who will definitely initiate approach and conversation online but they are in the minority.

Hence, you shouldn’t sit there thinking that just because you are online dating that dating is going to be any easier than it was when you would date in real life.

If anything, as much as it may seem like there are so many options for dating prospects online due to all the online dating profiles you are reading, all of this also comes with more competition.

Yes, there are other men online who are also reading these online dating profiles and consequently sending messages to these women.

In fact, the average woman on an online dating site can receive as many as a hundred messages a day depending on the kind of online dating site she is on.

That isn’t something that happens the other way around.

With these many options for women who are online dating, they would be less willing to take the risk of initiating contact with some guy on the online dating site.

They already have their hands full trying to get through all these messages and identify the guys that they are actually interested in.

This means that in order for you to get on their radar, you need to be different.

You need to give them something that all these men aren’t doing.

Perhaps you need to really study their online dating profile and send them a message about something that really struck you about it.

An observation that most of the men who are sending her all these messages would never have caught because the majority of them just saw an attractive woman and quickly sent a generic message in the hopes of catching her eye.

The majority of them didn’t really put in real effort in sending her a message that would resonate with her.

The more you send women that you meet on these online dating sites the kind of messages that lets them know you read their profile and you truly have an interest in them beyond just their physical attractiveness, the less useless online dating will be for you and you just may find the right match for you.