What Should I Say In The First Message That I Send Her After Seeing Her Online Dating Profile?

What Should I Say In The First Message That I Send Her After Seeing Her Online Dating Profile?

It is not just enough to see her online dating profile, it is more important that you truly read it and ask her a question about something pertaining to it after you are done reading.

First messages like this have a higher likelihood of getting a response.

Most guys make the mistake of completely ignoring what the girl said in her online dating profile when they send that girl the first message.

First impressions are everything, even online.

When a girl receives that first message and she notices that the guy never bothered to say anything that pertained to her online dating profile, she will find it a lot easier to disregard the guy’s message.

Being that girls get a lot more messages on online dating sites than guys do, you don’t want to put yourself in this position.

It is far too easy for her to disregard your first message when she has a ton of other first messages to get to.

You really have to stick out in order for her to notice your message and possibly respond to it.

Hence, one of the best types of first messages that you can send her after seeing her online dating profile is to ask her a question about something to do with her online dating profile.

You should make sure that you read her entire online dating profile.

Focus on finding something that she seemed to talk about with a lot of passion.

For example, she may have have talked about a trip that she went on to Europe.

As you read this section of her online dating profile, you may notice that she is speaking with a lot more passion about it.

You can normally tell that she is passionate if you notice that she is being very descriptive in this part of her online dating profile essay.

She is actually taking the time to describe some of her experiences on this trip.

You will be able to sense her heightened level of energy as she describes this trip.

When you send her the first message, ensure that you ask her about something in relation to that trip that she had to Europe.

You could ask about how the food was or whether she went to a particular scenic spot that this particular part of Europe is known for.

Hence, you may have to do a little research to discover what famously scenic spots are located in this particular part of Europe.

Using this question as an opener to your first message to her gives you an opportunity to have an open-ended conversation with her if she were to respond.

One of the biggest mistakes that guys make when they send a girl the first message is they don’t start with something open-ended.

Instead, they may just start with a generic greeting like, “Hey,” etc.

This isn’t conducive to having an open-ended conversation nor does it get her excited to read the message and respond to it.

Start your first message to this girl with this open-ended method and there is a good chance that she will respond to your message.